​Keeping your yoga mat clean is key when you’re doing yoga in brewery warehouses, in the great outdoors, or in any other nontraditional spaces where you just might spill some of your beer on it. So, for all the beer yogis out there, here are a few different ways to clean your mat after each brewery yoga class you attend!

Option 1: Suck It Up & Pay for Mat Spray

​The easiest (but obviously, most expensive) way to get your mat back to its clean, good-smelling self is to simply buy a product that can get the job done! There are a bunch of different places you can look to find these cleaning solutions. First and foremost, you can stop by your local yoga studio to see what sprays they have to offer. Or if you'd rather order online, Amazon provides a wide variety of mat spray options at reasonable price points. And if a spray isn’t for you, there are also mat wipes you can purchase that make clean-up quick and convenient.

Option 2: Make Your Own Cleaning Solution

If you aren’t up for spending money, you can make a DIY cleaning solution out of household items you already have, which will clean your yoga mat just as well!

The first thing you need is a spray bottle (or an empty bottle of any kind, really) to contain the cleaning solution. Next, you’ll need white vinegar and water, which most of us have available in our kitchens. The one thing you may have to buy is an essential oil for your cleaner. Tea tree oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil work the best—and if you want to, you can even combine all three of these oils!

​To make your mat spray, just use two parts water, one part white vinegar, then add a few drops of your essential oils of choice. And voila! Now you’ve got just the solution you need to clean your dirty mat. Just spray your yoga mat generously with this solution, then wipe it down with a paper towel. If it is especially dirty, let the solution soak for a while before you wipe it down for best results. 

​Option 3: Give It a Standard Wash

​In a pinch, and don’t have time to order (or make) a new mat spray? You can also throw your yoga mat in the washer, just like you do with your dirty yoga clothes! Be sure to wash it in cold water, on the gentle cycle. You can also just give your mat a quick-and-easy bath! Rub warm water over your mat, add a mild soap, then rub the entire thing gently with your hands. Rinse it off, hang it outside to dry, and you’re all set! 


How Do You Keep Your Yoga Mat Clean?

​We hope these tips help you keep your mat spick-and-span for your next beer yoga class! Have you tried any of these solutions before? Is there another way you prefer to clean your yoga mat after an outdoor class (or after spilling a beer on it at a brewery yoga practice)? Share with us in the comments below!