This content is brought to you in partnership with NewAir & their stunning "Beers of the World" Custom Designed 126-Can Beer Fridge. Special shout-out to Catawba Brewing Co. & Palmetto Brewing Co. for stocking our fridge for us!

Remember the mini-fridge you had in your dorm room in college that turned into your personal Natty Light beer fridge? Well, as an adult, you can have an actual beer fridge in your home — which is actually quite a classy addition to your dining room, man cave, or workout room.

I took the liberty of getting my very own beer fridge to test out, so you can validate a beer fridge purchase of your own.

New Air Beer Fridge

Here are the five reasons you need a beer fridge in your life, stat:

1. Fridge space is tight.

I bought a BottleLoft when I moved out of college because I thought I was being responsible about using my fridge space. The idea is that my beer bottles would stick to the top of my fridge via magnets, thus freeing up space below for other non-beer items. This was a great solution… For six bottles of beer. Emphasis on “bottles.” Now that I’m drinking craft beer on the regular (mostly out of cans), I often found myself forced to get more creative with my can locations.

You know what’s better than shoving random beer cans next to mustard bottles? A refrigerator designed specifically for your tasty brews. Which brings me to my next point…

2. Beer fridges are optimized for your beer.

That means you can set the optimal temperature for whatever you’re drinking. Say it’s summertime and you’re thirsty for some lagers. You’ll likely want to adjust your fridge closer to 35°F. However, if it’s winter and you’re drinking some delicious porters and stouts, 45°F will feel a lot smoother on your taste buds.

Speaking of seasons, BBQ season is coming up, and...

3. You can show off your beer collection to your visitors.

Beer fridges can be works of art since the glass door on the fridge displays all the awesome craft beers you’ve been collecting. Your friends will be in awe of how many beautiful and delicious kinds of beer you have on hand. And not only does the glass door serve as a window into your Untappd life, but…

Beer Fridge | Work For Your Beer

4. It reminds you when you are running low on beer.

If you’ve ever had the, “How in the hell am I out of beer?!” panic moment while friends were over, you know what I’m talking about. Since you can see through the fridge to view how much you have in stock, and you’re able to store more beer in the first place, you’ll never be beerless again!

And you know who can also get in on the beer fridge fun?

5. Your dog can fetch you a beer from your beer fridge.

Have you ever thought, “Man, it would be SO COOL if Frankie the Bulldog could fetch me a beer from the refrigerator, but I’m just not convinced he won't eat all of the food in the fridge!” This is the PERFECT solution. You can teach your doggo to fetch your favorite beverage without the concern of him also scarfing down your leftovers. I mean really, the beer fridge is the real MVP here. (PSA: everyone needs to watch this compilation video of dogs fetching beers for their owners.)

NewAir Beer Fridge | Catawba Brewing | Work For Your Beer

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Cheers to beerifying your home!