This year is already flying by! The more time that passes, the harder it can be to stick to the health goals we made for ourselves as the clock struck midnight on January 1. 

​As much as we love enjoying a beer after a workout or when we're out with friends, we occasionally like to switch it up with some healthy options that are offered at Charlotte breweries. Kombucha and coffee are great alternatives for beer and a lot of breweries carry them, making it that much easier to trade in your beer for a non-alcoholic treat.

​Check out all of the healthy beer alternatives below that will help you stay on top of your new year’s resolutions!


Kombucha is a great alternative to beer that is carried at a growing number of Charlotte breweries. In case you're wondering what it is, it's tea that has been naturally fermented. We promise it's not as weird as it sounds. You can learn more about kombucha and its health benefits here. This non-alcoholic beverage is a refreshing drink after a beer fitness ​class. Snag some kombucha at these breweries:

  • Blue Blaze Brewing Co. 

  • Free Range Brewing 

  • Heist Brewery 

  • Legion Brewing 

  • Lenny Boy Brewing

  • NoDa Brewing Company 

  • Salud Cerveceria 

  • Sycamore Brewing 

  • Three Spirits Brewery



What's the perfect way to end your weekend beer fitness class or run? With some coffee, of course. If you're looking for a healthier option (and a little pick-me-up), head to the breweries listed below for some coffee or cold brew.

  • Free Range Brewing

  • ​Heist Brewery (Coffee is served on Saturday and Sunday for brunch)

  • Resident Culture Brewing

  • Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 

  • Salud Cerveceria 

  • The Olde Mecklenburg Brewery


Additional Non-Alcholic Options

If you're not looking for a caffeine fix or to sip on some kombucha, there's plenty of other healthy and non-alcoholic alternatives at the breweries listed below. You can never go wrong with house-made ginger beer.

  • Birdsong Brewing - Apple juice 

  • Blue Blaze Brewing Co. - Non-alcoholic ginger beers 

  • Free Range Brewing - Shrub

  • Heist Brewery - House-made ginger beer and root beer

  • Sycamore Brewing - Tea and juice 

  • Thirsty Nomad Brewing Co. - House-made ginger ale and free bottled water 

  • Unknown Brewing Co. - House-made ginger ale and sparkling water

What's your go-to beer alternative?

Did we miss one of your favorite beer alternatives? Did you recently have one of these beverages and LOVE it? We want to hear about it! Tell us in the comments below, or post on social media and tag @workforyourbeer.