The sweet taste of vanilla, energizing infusion of coffee, and a velvety-smooth drinkability. No, we’re not talking about the newest latte at Starbucks — we’re talking about our beer of the week, Birdsong Brewing Co.’s "Wake Up Porter."

Read on to learn more about our beer of the week, the brewery that crafted it, and the events they've got to offer Charlotte's active beer-lovers.

The Beer: "Wake Up Porter"  

Birdsong’s signature fall beer release is a beautiful blend of coffee beans, malts, and Madagascar vanilla beans. The Sumatra Lintong coffee beans provide a warm foundation and light body, while the Madagascar vanilla beans add a subtly sweet finish. And if you love drinking local, you’ll love this: the 5.8% ABV beer is brewed with beans from Central Coffee Company right here in Charlotte and specialty malts from Carolina Malt House in Cleveland, NC.

The Brewery: Birdsong Brewing Co.  

Birdsong Brewing Co., located in Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood, may be best known for their small batch THURsty THURsdays — but that’s far from all they have to offer. With 12 of their own taps, Lenny Boy Brewing kombucha, and Windy Hill Cider flowing, there’s definitely something for everyone. Birdsong also hosts a myriad of rotating food trucks to keep customers full as well, so feel free to spend your entire evening there. We sure do!

​The Events: Yoga, Get Fit With Birdsong & More  

Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM, join in on yoga either in the warehouse or the rose garden around the corner. If you’re looking for a way to mix up your workout routine, keep your eye out for “Get Fit With Birdsong” events taking place throughout the city. Through partnerships with CorePower Yoga, Coreology in NoDa and many more, Birdsong Brewing Co. makes it possible to take classes at these studios for a free or reduced rate. As an added bonus, the Birdsong team brings samples of their classic beers for all participants to enjoy. 

Walk in through the Birdsong Brewing Co. doors, and you’ll be sure to be treated like family. Supporting the community and creating one of their own, they’re a foundational brewery the Queen City is lucky to have. 

Interesting on what’s going on behind the scenes? Free tours of the brewery can be scheduled through their website!

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