In case you're not aware, ales and lagers are actually two totally different types of beer. While that can translate to notable differences in taste, color, and aroma, what it comes down to is that lagers use an entirely different type of yeast during fermentation compared to ales. So, when you're guzzling an IPA (or India Pale Ale), you're drinking an ale. But when you're drinking a can of most of the non-craft beer out there (think Bud Light, Coors Light, etc.), you're sipping a lager.

We see so many affordable, mainstream lagers on the market because the style is approachable. It's drinkable without being notably hoppy, bitter, or malty. 

Birdsong Brewing realized that this easy-drinking style was something so many people loved in years past for a reason. So, the brewery carefully crafted a throwback beer to "wind back the tape" and re-introduce a style that's a bit retro to its year-round beer collection.

Read on to learn more about the "Rewind Lager," Birdsong Brewing itself, and the  fitness events they have to offer active, beer-loving Charlotteans.

The Beer: "Rewind Lager"

Kick it old school with this crisp, clean throwback lager from Birdsong Brewing. Inspired by traditional Czech pilsners and laidback afternoons, this "retro" lager was brewed using Sterling and Saaz hops to create a refreshing, well-balanced beer that isn't excessively hoppy or malty. At 4.0% ABV, it's the perfect easy-drinking brew to enjoy while hanging out with friends and listening to your favorite band (on a cassette tape, of course).

The Brewery: Birdsong Brewing

Since it was founded in 2011, Birdsong Brewing Co. has been brewing culinary-inspired, super-fresh, unfiltered, American-style ale. Using locally-sourced ingredients and fully embracing musical (and often whimsical) inspiration, Birdsong celebrates creativity with a new, weekly small batch release in the taproom every “Thursty Thursday.” You can stop by the brewery's 17,000 sq. ft. space in Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood to check out the 30-barrel brewhouse, warm and welcoming taproom, and expansive dog-friendly patio for yourself. Don't forget to grab some free peanuts!

The Fitness Activities: Yoga + "Get Fit With Birdsong" Series

Get zen every Tuesday at 6:30 PM with a 60-minute all-levels yoga class led by NC Yoga Bar either at The McGill Rose Garden or in the Birdsong Brewing private event room, followed by a beer in the Birdsong taproom. A drop-in at this class is $10, but you can get your first class for just $5 when you use the coupon in this blog post.

Additionally, you can check out Birdsong Brewing's Facebook events to join in on the "Get Fit With Birdsong!" series, where the Birdsong team visits a variety of local gyms and fitness studios to offer you discounted workouts followed by a Birdsong beer sampling. Locations change with each class, and you can look forward to giveaways and special offers at each workout. Plus, every workout you attend earns you raffle entry for awesome prizes from Birdsong! All skill levels are welcome and everyone is encouraged to attend.

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