While we're all about finding a healthy balance between working out and drinking your alcohol of choice, we understand that there are times when a booze-free beverage might be what you're looking for. Thankfully, many of the breweries that host our favorite workout classes also offer a delicious and healthy alternative: kombucha.

There are plenty of brands to choose from, but one of our favorites is UpDog Kombucha. Read on to learn about one of our favorite flavors of UpDog Kombucha, as well as where you can find their products in Charlotte and beyond.

The Drink: "Sphinx"  

UpDog Kombucha brews mild, light, and fruity kombuchas that are less vinegary (and more approachable) than some other brands on the market. One of our favorite flavors that they offer is Sphinx, a mojito-inspired kombucha made with fresh mint and a splash of lime juice for an added hint of tartness. The result is a balanced and refreshing beverage with all the flavor of an actual mojito, but without the alcohol—making it the perfect drink to cool you down after a workout or on a hot Carolina day.

The Company: UpDog Kombucha  

UpDog Kombucha is a a kombucha microbrewery based out of Winston-Salem, NC started by two recent Wake Forest graduates, Olivia Wolff and Lauren Miller. The two women are passionate about both kombucha and healthy living, and as college students, they began brewing their kombucha as a hobby in their dorm rooms. In 2016, they decided it was time to take kombucha brewing from a hobby to a business. 

In the years since, they've started distributing their kombucha not just throughout Winston-Salem but the entire state of North Carolina (and its neighbors). Wolff and Miller continue to produce high quality, small-batch brews flavored with whole fruits, herbs, and roots. The result is simple, natural, and delicious kombucha that doesn't rely on sneaky ingredients or added sugars. UpDog promises honest products with gut-friendly prebiotics, probiotics, and antioxidants that benefit overall health.

Where to Find UpDog Kombucha  

You can find UpDog all over the Triad, North Carolina, and even across state lines into Virginia and South Carolina. You can also find it at plenty of your favorite spots around Charlotte, including Sycamore Brewing, Resident Culture Brewing, Pop the Top, Craft, Hoppin' and more. Learn more about where you can find UpDog Kombucha here.

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