When it comes to yoga, there are always certain things that you should bring along to class if you want your practice to be successful. Unsurprisingly, the same thing is true of beer yoga! Unlike a studio, it's not as common for breweries to provide you with things like mats or towels, so it's important to come prepared. 

That's why we put together a list of everything you should bring along to beer yoga! Bring these supplies to your next practice at a brewery near you, and you'll be all set. 

Your Own Mat

It's true that there are a few places that do offer a few mats for attendees, like Lenny Boy and Growler's/NoDa Yoga. But for the most part, when you're doing yoga in a brewery or restaurant, they'll expect you to bring along your own mat. You can pick one up at a yoga studio around town, order one online, stop by a sporting goods store—wherever you get it, just make sure you have one! 

A Towel

Listen, yoga classes can get pretty sweaty! You don't want to end up with a slippery mat because you didn't bring a towel along to class to wipe up your perspiration throughout the class. 

A Water Bottle

Yes, you're probably going to enjoy a beer or two after class, which is encouraged! But you'll also need to make sure your body is hydrated as you go through your flow, and continue hydrating after you're done to help your body recover after your workout. 

Comfortable Clothing

There's nothing worse than spending your 60-minute yoga class yanking down a shirt that keeps riding up or pulling your leggings back into place! You want to make sure you wear something breathable and comfortable that will stay in place while you move through your flow. (Not-so-subtle plug: our Work For Your Beer tank tops are light and airy, if you're looking for some new yoga attire!)

Proper Payment

These classes vary in price, and some of them are cash-only. The best way to know what type of payment you're expected to bring is by checking out the individual class page here on Work For Your Beer! That way, you'll know if you need to bring $5 in cash for the class and a beer ticket, if you should pay online beforehand, or if you can show up and swipe your card at the door.

An Open Mind

The whole goal of beer yoga is to take away the intimidation factor. These are fun, lighthearted classes that are meant to cater to beginners and seasoned yogis alike! No one is going to judge you if you don't know what you're doing or you fall out of a pose. Just come with an open mind and you'll have a great time!

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