This content is brought to you in partnership with OrthoCarolina, one of the nation's leading orthopedic practices with offices across the Southeast.

At Work For Your Beer, our mission is to build a community where people can get fit, drink local beer, and meet people who are interested in living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We thoroughly vet every brand that we partner with to ensure that we’re only ever exposing our audience to businesses that share our values. 

​After we founded Work For Your Beer in December 2016, we started thinking about the types of companies we wanted to partner with to bring our audience content that would enrich their daily lives and help them to balance work and play in a healthy way. Immediately, our minds went to OrthoCarolina.

As Charlotteans involved in the beer and fitness scene, it felt like we saw OrthoCarolina everywhere we went. They hosted races, yoga classes, and other fitness events that we were a part of. They sponsored Lenny Boy Fit Club and NoDa Run Club. They partnered with local media publications that we read daily (and were occasionally featured in ourselves). We realized that their brand was in so many of the same spaces that we were in for a reason; it only made sense to us that our organizations should partner together. 

The Work For Your Beer community is made up of active, beer-loving folks in the Queen City. Some of those people are just weaning into fitness, and some of them have been athletes for their whole lives. In either case, they’re out there exerting physical effort working out at local breweries. And as much as we can write about safe exercising practices and offer recovery tips, we’re not the experts. We knew OrthoCarolina had a team of medical professionals who can offer expert insights and advice to our audience that we’re simply unable to provide. 

​Excitingly for us, OrthoCarolina understood all of this and agreed that a partnership between our organizations would make sense. Like we said, our goal is to team up with partners whose organizations can enrich our audience’s lives—so, working with a team of people who are literal experts on health, fitness, and the human body is basically like hitting the jackpot. 

“At OrthoCarolina we don’t want to talk the talk unless we walk it with you. Being active and living a healthy lifestyle is good for everyone, and we believe in having some fun while doing it,” said Blair Primis, Vice President of Marketing at OrthoCarolina. “By teaming up with Work For Your Beer we want to run, jump, stretch and move—or anything else you want to do—alongside you. You can also look to us as a valuable resource for expert knowledge on how the amazing human body works to keep you moving.” 

We’ll be working with the OrthoCarolina team to bring our community members content that is relevant to their active lifestyles. Expect to see us sharing a few blog posts a month outlining things like proper stretching techniques, what happens to your body during different types of workouts, and more—all featuring expert input from medical professionals. 

​We hope you’re as excited about this partnership as we are, and we can’t wait to continue educating and entertaining you on all things fitness, beer, and balance with OrthoCarolina by our side.