Disclosure: We tested out a Muse mattress to review the product and write about our experience. Here's what we learned.

For years, I've been seeing articles on the internet about how important sleep is to your overall health. Honestly, I just ignored them. I'd been sleeping on an unsupportive three-inch mattress from IKEA for the past two years, and my health was just fine, thank you very much.

Except... Well, my back did hurt. And I did find myself tossing and turning a lot throughout the night. And I did drink excessive amounts of coffee (after hitting the snooze button several times) to make up for the lack of sleep experienced after said tossing and turning. 

I hadn't really thought about connecting my aching back and caffeine addiction to my sleeping situation until I started reading those articles about sleep that kept creeping up on my Facebook feed. Did you guys know that sleep helps your brain function properly? And that sleep deprivation can cause accidents? And that proper sleep can actually improve your memory, decrease stress, increase creativity, and help you live longer? 

Clearly, I'd been on the wrong side of this whole "getting a good night's sleep is crucial to your health and well-being" thing. I did some research on different kinds of mattresses and the benefits they provide, and I decided it was time for me to try out a mattress that might actually be able to help me sleep better and improve my mental and physical health.  And that's where Muse came in.

What's the Deal With Muse Mattresses?  

Have you seen those videos of mattresses being delivered straight to people's doorsteps in a box? Then the person cuts open the box and the plastic wrap, and the mattress goes POP! and expands to its full size? Well, the Muse mattress is just like that. It's a memory foam mattress with cooling technology, delivered straight to your door in a box.

Did you hear me say "cooling technology" just now? Yeah, that's one of the things that made me so curious about this particular mattress. Muse claims that two of the layers that make up its mattresses actually keep you cool throughout the night, and I wanted to test that claim. I wake up multiple times a night, sweaty and uncomfortable, to toss and turn my way through an eight-hour sleep cycle that end up feeling like it was only four hours. So, I was ready to see if Muse's cooling technology would live up to the hype. 

According to Muse, their mattresses are made up of four different layers: 

  1. Cold Wire + Cover: This is the part that your body actually touches, and the part you'll recognize from Muse's photos. It's the primary layer that is meant to keep you cool all night long. 
  2. Gel-Infused Foam: This is supposed to be step two of the cooling-you-down-while-you-snooze process. A 2-inch layer of 3.5 lb. density foam is infused with gel to combat heat retention, which Muse says should allow you to sleep cooler than you would on a traditional foam mattress.
  3. High Density Foam: After you take Muse's Sleep Personality Quiz, you find out whether a soft, medium, or firm mattress would best fit your specific needs and sleeping style. This third layer will use those quiz results to personalize the 2-inch layer of 4 lb. density foam that forms the interior of the mattress.
  4. Firm Foundation: Whether you prefer a soft, middle-of-the-road, or hard-as-rock mattress to sleep on, this layer will be the same: a durable 8-inch base layer of 2 lb. density foam intended to provide a supportive, pressure-relieving foundation.

Our Experience with Muse Mattress  

After reading up on the mattress's composition and taking my Sleep Personality Quiz (it turns out that I'm a medium firmness type of gal), we were ready. We ordered our new mattress online quickly and painlessly, which was the first positive about the experience - I've hated going through the rigmarole of purchasing a mattress in-stores in the past. The mattress was delivered in a box straight to our doorstep just a few days later. We came home, cut open the box and the plastic, and lifted the mattress up onto our bed frame. 

Quick note: I have a massive dog. She's a Great Pyrenees, which means she's giant with tons of fluffy white hair. Basically, she's a polar bear, and she is always lurking around the house looking for cool spots to sleep. Typically, her favorite place is on top of the vent in our bathroom, which blows out cool air all night long. I was curious to see whether Muse's cooling technology would encourage her to actually sleep in bed with us all night long, something she never does.

From the get-go, it was clear that our pup was enamored with this mattress. She climbed up, turned a few circles, then plopped down and fell right asleep. I attempted to get her to move and make room for me, to no avail. She was content and comfortable atop the cool surface of this new bed, which she clearly had decided was hers. 

Eventually, after coaxing her awake with the promise of treats, I got the dog off of the bed and got to try the bed myself. Man, was this a step up from that three-inch thick rollaway mattress from IKEA that we'd had on our bed frame since moving to Charlotte! It felt like the memory foam was forming to my body as I moved from my side to my back, and the mattress stayed cool no matter how I tossed and turned. My boyfriend agreed; in his words, "I feel like I'm sinking into this bed. In a good way. I could sleep here for days." Neither of us had ever acknowledged any issue with our prior mattress (shockingly), but we both agreed that this new one was going to revolutionize our sleep experience.

​We slept soundly without waking each other up for the first time in the three years since we've lived together. According to Muse, that could be because of the density of the memory foam, which isolates movement so you aren't disturbed by your partner. But I think it could also be because we didn't have to wake up to adjust the blankets so we'd be less warm or sweaty. We stayed cool, comfortable, and asleep for the duration of the night... and the next night... and the next night.  

The only issue that we had was that our sheets slipped and slid around on the smooth surface of the mattress. After some quick research, I found that was because our sheets had shallow pockets that couldn't grab onto the edges of our new bed properly, since it's so thick. We ordered a new pair of deep pocket sheets on Amazon Prime for less than $30, and upon arrival they stayed securely in place, making our new bed complete. 

Would We Recommend the Muse Mattress?  

I can acknowledge that I come from a slightly biased point of view, since I've spent the last few years sleeping on the equivalent of a dog bed from IKEA that offered no support or comfort whatsoever. But I can genuinely say that I've never slept better than I have with the Muse mattress. It keeps us cool and comfortable all night, every night, so that we can actually get a full night's sleep without tossing and turning.

In terms of my health: I've been less dependent on coffee, and for the first time since college, I've actually been energized enough to wake up and work out in the mornings. Upon waking up feeling refreshed, my boyfriend asked me the other day, "Is this how most people feel when they get up in the morning?" I honestly don't know the answer, since our most recent frame of reference is only from that IKEA monstrosity. But I agreed with him that from now on for us, it's Muse mattress or bust. 

Want to try out the Muse mattress for yourself? 

Thanks to Muse's 120-day risk-free sleep trial, you can test out the bed for four months before you decide whether it's the right fit for you! Plus, you can get $100 off of your order using promo code WORKFORYOURBEER. What are you waiting for? A cool night's sleep (and a well-rested, healthier you) awaits!