As Charlotte's beer fitness community continues to grow, so does its need for awesome merchandise to help people show off their love of both beer and fitness. 

Whether it's at a brewery fitness event or at a beer festival, our community loves repping Work For Your Beer swag, from tank tops to t-shirts to hats and beyond.

With that growing need, we're growing the Work For Your Beer team—and that's where our newest team member Melissa comes in.

Learn more about how Melissa is impacting Work For Your Beer's merchandising strategy to grow our brand and community now!


Name: Melissa Majka
Age: 25
Occupation:  Advertising Strategist
Neighborhood in Charlotte: South End

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer? My friend Brooke lived in Charlotte before I did, and I was constantly seeing her on social media doing yoga and bootcamps at breweries. I thought it was the best idea! So when I moved from Chicago seven months ago not knowing any of the Charlotte breweries, Work For Your Beer became my go-to resource to find brewery fitness classes.

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community? Craft beer and fitness are such a huge part of the Charlotte community, and Work For Your Beer brings both of them together in the best way. It’s such an easy and fun way to meet new people and try new, cheap classes!  

What made you excited to accept the Merchandise Manager position? I was honestly excited to join the team any way I could help, but when I talked with Alicia about what the team needed, the Merchandise Manager role sounded perfect. It is completely different than my full-time job, but works well with my marketing background and provides an extra challenge. I also just love clothes and merchandise, so that's an added bonus!

What does the Merchandise Manager position entail? Honestly, it changes all the time! During our busy beer festival season, my main job is keeping up with inventory management and packing and shipping items. On top of that, I research upcoming events Work For Your Beer could attend, brainstorm ways to grow the merchandise business, advertise on Facebook, and launch new items.  

What is your favorite thing about being a part of the Work For Your Beer team? Being able to work with some of the hardest working gals I know! It’s beyond inspiring how Alicia and Mel started the company while working demanding full-time jobs and now manage a team of employees.  I learn something new every time we meet and constantly feel inspired. It’s cool we’re all involved in Work For Your Beer for the same reasons, and we’re all equally excited for what’s to come.

What is your biggest goal for Work For Your Beer? Expansion! Work For Your Beer can easily be the go-to beer fitness resource across the country. I’m so excited for the launch of our new website that will enable us to do just that!

What fitness activities do you personally take part in?  Mostly yoga, barre, and working out in my apartment's gym. In Chicago,  I was a big Groupon-er, trying studios for the new member one-month deal and then moving on to the next. So Work For Your Beer is perfect in the sense that I can try all kinds of different classes inexpensively! My go-to classes are Lenny Boy Yoga on Saturday mornings, Triple C Yoga on Thursdays, and Unknown Brewing’s yoga on Wednesdays (yes, I need to get out of South End). What I’d really love to see is a yoga sculpt class that is BYOW -- Bring Your Own Weights!  

What is your favorite local beer in Charlotte? I’ve only been here for seven months so I still have a lot to try, but I am a big fan of sours. Lenny Boy’s Plumonary Groove is great, and Hyde’s Bayern Echo is a go-to when I’m feeling something different!


Want to connect with Melissa?

If you want to reach out to Melissa to talk merchandise, you can shoot her an email here