Work For Your Beer came to fruition after its co-founders fell in love with Charlotte's brewery yoga scene. We found a few classes, tried them out, and were hungry for more. So, we set out on a quest to find EVERY beer yoga class Charlotte had to offer, compiled all of the information we could find about them into one place, and then realized others could probably benefit from this beautiful guide we had created. And that, hey, they might want similar guides to the run clubs, bike rides, and other fitness activities happening at breweries around Charlotte! And thus, Work For Your Beer was born.

Tracing our origins back to our love for beer yoga can't be done without considering NC Yoga Bar. Some of the first classes that we fell in love with were NC Yoga Bar classes! 

But what is NC Yoga Bar? How does it work? We met with NC Yoga Bar owner Ali Washburn to bring you all the dirty details, so you'll have all the information you need if you decide to hop on the NC Yoga Bar train.

What is NC Yoga Bar?
We want to make practicing yoga more affordable and attainable, but with the same high quality experience that you would get in a studio. We pop up where you already are. We're trying to build a community of people who can go to a yoga class, make new friends, hang out, have a beer, and discover new places in Charlotte that they've never been.

What is your current class schedule (and what can we look forward to this spring and summer)? 
Currently, we're at Studio Cellar on Mondays, Birdsong Brewing on Tuesdays, Mint Museum on Wednesdays, and we're starting a Thursday lunchtime class at Advent Coworking.  This spring and summer, we'll be starting up Sycamore Brewing yoga on Mondays and Wednesdays, McGill Rose Garden on Tuesdays, and some more exciting stuff in the works.

How many instructors work for NC Yoga Bar?
Around 20 instructors from all around Charlotte. 

How do you choose them, and how are they assigned to each class? 
They apply to instruct at NC Yoga Bar. They start with a free class as a trial, and I will take it to make sure their style fits with the high level of quality that I expect from NC Yoga Bar classes. The instructors give us their availability, and I work hard to put them places where they fit. The thing I love about our teachers is that I see students develop relationships with the instructors and coming back so they can be taught by that instructor again.

What is an NC Yoga Bar passport, and what are the benefits of getting one?
The passport is a way to make each class more affordable. A drop-in is $10, but the passport can make it as low as $5 per class. We're also working on some events that passport members will be able to attend for free, like workshops around Charlotte. 

​What can someone expect from an NC Yoga Bar class? 
You can expect a consistent experience. There's always going to be someone to welcome you and check you in, and there will be a teacher there leading a welcoming, warm class. There will always be new yogis, and the class will be tailored to them, but there will always be modifications for more experienced yogis as well. 

What makes NC Yoga Bar different?
For me, it's different because of the people. It's a way to meet people and make connections, and make real, true friendships that you don't often find in a studio environment, where you just go into class and leave right away when it's done. It's a different feeling. You feel like you're welcome, and you belong, and you're going to meet your tribe there. That's why I love it so much.

Where do you want NC Yoga Bar to be 5 years from now? 
I would love for it to be, if you think of going to a yoga class somewhere cool, you're like, "It's definitely going to be an NC Yoga Bar class." I'd love to be in every apartment complex in Charlotte offering people community and fitness opportunities in their building. It's a great way to meet the people that live in your complex, and conveniently walk right downstairs and make a class. I'd also love to be all over the Southeast! There's a lot of opportunity facing us right now. 

What advice would you give to someone considering attending an NC Yoga Bar class? 
Show up and have fun! Don't take yourself too seriously. The yoga police aren't going to get you ;) We're not a studio that is going to nitpick everything you do. Show up, try it. Just be there! And be you.

Get Your First NC Yoga Bar Class For $5!

Ready to try your first NC Yoga Bar class? We promise, by the time your first class ends, you'll be ready to buy your passport and commit to that #beeryogi lifestyle! But before you buy your passport, you can try out your first class for only $5.

All you have to do is print the coupon below and bring it to your first NC Yoga Bar class (or you can present it on your phone. We can all do a little bit to save the planet, right?). The instructor will check you in, they'll mark that you've used your first $5 class, and you'll be good to go! ​

Note: This coupon is only good for one $5 class per person. It's not good for anyone who already has an NC Yoga Bar passport. But if you've never had a passport and you'd like to try an NC Yoga Bar class, this coupon is for you. 

Enjoy your beer yoga class with NC Yoga Bar!