Here at Work For Your Beer, we're all about community! We're always looking for ways to highlight members of Charlotte's beer fitness scene and to grow the community as much as we can. Anytime we see people over and over again at fitness events at breweries around town, we know they're someone we should feature!

That's how we ended up reaching out to Brad Church to ask him about his experience at beer fitness events around the city. Though we talk about run clubs specifically in this feature, our team sees Brad week after week at Sip & Sweat, in addition to many other fitness events happening at breweries around Charlotte! Read on to learn more about him below.


Name: Brad Church
Age: 28
Occupation: Vice President, Global Wealth Investment Management Underwriter at Bank of America
Neighborhood in Charlotte: Dilworth

How long have you been a runner? I have been running for a little under 4 years post grad school to keep my competitive juices flowing.

Which brewery run clubs are you a part of? Sycamore Brewery Run Club and Lenny Boy Brewery Run Club.

What made you start going to brewery run clubs? I typically ran with friends back home before I moved to Charlotte to keep me motivated. The brewery run club scene was a great way to make new friends all the while making them eat my dust!

What’s your favorite part of running with these groups? I would definitely say it's the camaraderie I've built with the new friends I've made and it helps to burn off the calories before we indulge in day drinking. 

What is the most challenging part of running for you? The most challenging part would have to be tackling hills. Charlotte is flat as compared to West Virginia where I moved from and when races have hills in them I have to consciously take them slower to keep my endurance for the end. 

Which is your favorite run club route? My favorite run club route is Sycamore's 3 mile route. It starts off flat on the rail trail in Southend and has some smaller hills throughout Dilworth before returning back to Southend. 

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering joining a brewery run club? Do it yesterday. You may think it's intimidating if you are a new runner or don't know anyone, but everyone is very welcoming. Run clubs have runners of all different fitness levels so there is no intimidation factor. 

What’s your favorite beer in Charlotte? Finally, my favorite question. I would say you can't go wrong with an OMB Copper any day of the week.

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