Work For Your Beer is the brainchild of Melanie Fox and Alicia Thomas. But who are these women? What made them start Work For Your Beer? Today, we're going to learn a bit more about each of the Work For Your Beer founders.

Melanie Fox

Education: I have a BS in Marketing and a BA in Advertising from The Pennsylvania State University (We Are!).

Occupation: I am the Digital Engagement Leader for the Residential HVAC & Supply business at Ingersoll Rand.

Neighborhood in Charlotte: I live in a house in University. Just waiting for that light rail to make things more interesting in this neck of the woods...

What are a few things we should know about you? I am slightly obsessed with the following: my Pembroke Welsh Corgi (his name is Pancake, and he is my favorite thing in the whole world), yoga, rock climbing, food (ice cream, in particular), good wine & beer, traveling, getting shit done, and exploring the wonderful city of Charlotte, NC. I am married to a wonderful man named Alan who deals with all of my craziness. I'm currently in what I like to call "can't stop, won't stop" mode. Just trying to conquer the world over here.

What made you want to co-found WFYB with Alicia? Alicia and I worked together at Penn State for the #1 student-run blog in the nation, When Alicia moved down to Charlotte shortly after graduating, she started getting as much experience as possible in the digital marketing field (a space we both spend all of our work hours exploring). She has always been an incredible writer, and not only is she passionate about the Charlotte brewery fitness scene, but she is talented and hard-working (have I flattered you enough yet, Alicia?). Seriously, though, we complement one another very well, and I couldn't imagine doing this with anyone else.

What are your goals for WFYB? I think our mission statement says it all: At Work For Your Beer, we have a mission to be Charlotte’s leading beer fitness resource and grow the brewery fitness community. Using our passion for fitness, craft beer, and the strong local community, we aim to provide engaging content, events, and products to those who want to enjoy their workouts, meet new people, and try new things. 

When it comes to WFYB, what are you most excited about? Meeting people! I have already met so many amazing people, and I can't wait to start to recognize more and more people at these events. 

What's your favorite brewery fitness activity? I can't deny my love for brewery yoga. 

What's your favorite beer in Charlotte? Wooden Robot's Good Morning Vietnam. (Normally I am a stout/porter gal, but I can't get over how amazing this beer is!) 

Alicia Thomas

Education: I graduated with degrees in journalism and Spanish, as well as a minor in international studies, from Penn State.

Occupation: I'm the Marketing Manager at Sugar Creek Brewing.

Neighborhood in Charlotte: I've lived in NoDa for over a year now, and I'm obsessed with our weird little neighborhood. 

What are a few things we should know about you? I live with my boyfriend of four years, Andrew, whom I started dating in college. We have a Great Pyrenees puppy named Luna Lovegood, who is adorable and popular enough in NoDa to have her own Instagram. After two years, I finally consider myself a yogi, and I particularly enjoy the zen, mindful, breathing-focused, love-yourself-and-the-universe-will-love-you-back kind of yoga. When I'm not at work, blogging, or on my yoga mat, you can probably find me re-watching all of Friends on Netflix, drinking wine, or planning my next trip. Most likely, I'll be doing all three at once.

What made you want to co-found WFYB with Melanie? Mel is one of the most driven people that I know. The two of us fell in love with brewery yoga from day one, and we wanted to get to as many classes as we possibly could, but it was hard to find them. Once we realized there was a need for a master guide, not just the yoga classes but all brewery fitness activities in Charlotte, we knew we wanted to be the ones to make it happen. And as soon as Mel was all in, I knew that it would be a success. It was that simple for me. If she believed in the idea, I was confident it would all work out because I know that when Mel sets a goal, she meets it, guaranteed. She's passionate and works hard to make things happen! I think we complement one another very well; we help each other grow, and we're both able to grow WFYB together with our own different strengths, perspectives, and experiences.

What are your goals for WFYB? We have such a cool opportunity to grow this unique Charlotte community, and that's my biggest goal. I think if we can get even MORE people out to these events and supporting local businesses, I'll consider Work For Your Beer a success! 

When it comes to WFYB, what are you most excited about? I think it's so cool to get to meet the people behind the beer at all the different breweries around the city. Helping get more people out to those breweries is incredibly rewarding. It's a win-win, really—we connect people with delicious beer, and we connect breweries with additional customers. I love that. ​

What's your favorite brewery fitness activity? Yoga, for sure! But I also really enjoy THE JAM: CLT dance classes.

What's your favorite beer in Charlotte? I could drink Birdsong's MexiCali Stout all day, every day.

Next time you are at a brewery fitness event and you see one of us, make sure to say hi (or buy us a beer. Just kidding. Or are we?)! We love meeting new people in the beer fitness community. Cheers!