When we announced we were looking for brand ambassadors a few months ago, we could have never anticipated the number applications we would receive. The end result was a group of fitness and beer lovers who are just as excited to grow the beer fitness community as we are.

You may have met them at a Work For Your Beer event, a beer festival, or at their favorite brewery fitness class, but we wanted to introduce you to our awesome team of brand ambassadors.

That's why we'll be highlighting them and letting them tell you why they love Work For Your Beer and why you should too!

First up is Caitlyn Sheff. 

Read on to learn more about Caitlyn, what brewery fitness classes she loves, and why she wanted to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community.

Age: 28

Occupation: Associate Buyer for Belk

Neighborhood in Charlotte: Dilworth

Social Handles: Instagram: @sheffboyrdee | Twitter: @sheffboyrdee  

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer? Through social media! It’s how I find everything!  

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community? Work For Your Beer creates this amazing, approachable, social atmosphere to fitness, and I love the community it cultivates. It makes fitness more affordable and creates this environment where you can introduce yourself to new people, new workouts and new beer all in a less intimidating way!  

How long have you been attending fitness classes? I’ve been an athlete my entire life. I played basketball and volleyball in high school, and I played collegiate volleyball. Having that background, it makes fitness an absolute staple in my daily routine.  

Which brewery fitness classes do you attend? I take yoga at CorePower, so I like to branch out when I take my brewery fitness classes! It’s a cheaper way for me to broaden my fitness horizon. I love the Sip & Sweat bootcamps, and Twerk For Your Beer is the real deal! I love the high energy, fun and social workouts since yoga for me is more of a mindful, meditative moment.  

What motivates you to work out? How great I feel after a workout. It’s a feeling like no other! Working out is the only hour of my day when I can do exactly what I want and answer to no one. It’s such a relaxing, centering activity for me. Definitely a necessity.  

What’s your go-to pump up song? This is tough because I LOVE music. My moods and workouts are totally influenced by music. I’m not much of a rap person, but nothing beats Kanye and Eminem when you need to get yourself into a good headspace for a tough workout!  

What made you start attending brewery fitness classes? Two things: meeting new people and working out in cool, inspiring spaces. It’s so fun to break out of that studio/gym routine and be outside or in a warehouse surrounded by a more creative environment. And, the people are second to none. Everyone is having a great time, keeping it light and really trying to socialize!

What is your favorite kind of brewery fitness class? I think Twerk For Your Beer is my favorite because it’s something that is so far removed from any other workout I do. It’s my one hour to dance like no one is watching... Even though it ends up on social media now anyway.   What’s your favorite part of going to brewery fitness classes? The people and the instructors. The genuinely positive vibes are undeniable.  

Which brewery fitness class has been the most challenging for you? I haven’t taken it yet, but I’m going to try Barre at the Bar, and I’m a little nervous! It’s small movements targeting tiny muscles that I probably don’t work as often as I should. I have a feeling I will be sore afterwards.

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering attending a brewery fitness class? DO IT! Leave your insecurities, fear of judgment or not being good at something at the door. Let your guard down and really give into the positive vibes, social atmosphere and good sweat session. Be present and you’ll get out of it exactly what you put in.

What’s your favorite beer (or ‘booch) in Charlotte? This is also tough because I’m still working through all of the breweries. I’ve only lived here for six months, so I’ve still got a lot to explore! However, I’m a complete sucker for limited release beers, so you can always find me trying the newest beers at each brewery. For ‘booch though, it’s Lenny Boy’s Lavenderade all the way.

Why do you love Work For Your Beer? The list is too long! I love the community it’s brought together and the positive energy it spreads. Mel and Alicia are true boss babes that have cultivated this inspiring, healthy, welcoming brand, and I am just so grateful to be able to be a part of it.  

Anything else you’d like to tell us? Don’t forget Waggle For Your Beer! It’s such an awesome way to socialize your pup and socialize yourself. If you check out my insta, you’ll see that my dog is basically my child, and she LOVES these walks!

Do you want to be a Work For Your Beer Ambassador?

If you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer team as a Brand Ambassador, apply here! We're seeking individuals who are passionate about beer fitness, have stellar communication skills, and are positive and self-motivated. 

Did we mention that there are prizes involved, too? If you're interested in attending events, creating content, and growing the beer fitness community in Charlotte and beyond, there's Work For Your Beer swag (and valuable marketing experience, of course) in it for you!