At Work For Your Beer, we're passionate about beer, fitness, and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We're huge fans of making our way to the events in the Charlotte area that involve any of the above -- from races to beer festivals and everything in between. 

You'll often see Work For Your Beer post on social media about upcoming events that involve booze and or fitness, but did you ever wonder how we figure out which awesome events to spread the word about? It's through the hard work of our Event Partnerships Manager, Jessica Garrity!

Jessica seeks out events that she thinks the Work For Your Beer community will love, then connects with the people hosting those events to see how we can get the word out. Read on to learn more about Jessica's role on the Work For Your Beer team! 

Age: 30

Occupation: Respiratory Therapist

Neighborhood in Charlotte: Ballantyne

Social Handle: Instagram: @jmgarrity_  

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer? I attended a class with my friend when I first moved here in October 2017…. Twerk For Your Beer (now MiSFIT Dance!).  

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community? I liked the idea of helping a startup company, and also thought it would be a good way to get out and meet people and see what is going on in my city.  

How long have you been attending fitness classes? Since college. I always liked outdoor fitness classes like bootcamps or yoga that were offered and I have continued to attend in my adult life.    

Which brewery fitness classes do you attend? I love dance fitness, barre, and yoga.  

What motivates you to work out? The feeling of accomplishment after a sweaty workout. I have a sedentary job at the moment, so getting up and being active feels really great after sitting at a desk all day.  

What’s your go-to pump up song? I don’t have one pump-up song right now. When I’m going to the gym, I throw on Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars radio and see what comes my way.  

What made you start attending brewery fitness classes? I attended yoga at a brewery when I lived in Connecticut, and then a friend invited me when I first moved to Charlotte.  

What is your favorite kind of brewery fitness class? Dance fitness is definitely my top favorite!  

What’s your favorite part of going to brewery fitness classes? A good workout in a non-gym environment.  

Which brewery fitness class has been the most challenging for you? Barre, for sure.  

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering attending a brewery fitness class? It doesn’t hurt to try! There are tons of different options and instructors and breweries out there. There will be something for everyone.  

What’s your favorite beer (or ‘booch) in Charlotte? Beer: Definitely NoDa Brewing's Gordgeous. This was the first beer I had when I came to Charlotte and I have loved it ever since. I am always a big fan of fall beers!  

Why do you love Work For Your Beer? I like the idea behind the brand. Getting people together for two things that many people love--fitness and beer. It is nice to work for two smart and motivated women who want to make this company grow. The idea behind the brand is great, and there is a wonderful team working to make it happen.

Want to promote your upcoming event?  

If you or someone you know is planning a festival, a race, or starting a new beer fitness event, Work For Your Beer can help you get the word out. Reach out to Jessica at for more information.