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When it comes to pairing beer with food, a lot of people's minds go straight to pretzels and Pilsners. But there are plenty of healthier ways to pair craft beer with the foods you love!

We've been subscribing to The Good Kitchen for weekly meal deliveries for the last few months, and every dinner we get from them is made with organic, paleo, and non-GMO ingredients. Not to mention, all you have to do is pop each meal in the microwave for three minutes and boom, it's totally ready (and delicious)! 

We picked a few TGK meals featuring different proteins and flavors, and we paired them with some of our favorite beers in Charlotte. Read on and use this as a guide to start planning out your own healthy, balanced nutrition plan! 


BBQ Chicken with Summer Vegetables + NoDa Brewing Company "CAVU" 

This BBQ chicken dish boasts spicy, tangy flavors that pair perfectly with a light, crisp blonde ale. When you start feeling the heat from this tasty summer dish, a blonde is just the thing you need to refresh your palette! NoDa's CAVU features tropical and citrus notes, as well, which play nicely with these fresh summer vegetables.


Beef Barbacoa with Chili Dusted Sweet Potatoes + Wooden Robot Brewery "Nuts and Bolts"

The melt-in-your mouth beef and the savory sweet potatoes in this dinner pack some serious heat! They are just begging to be paired with a nutty brown ale. The roasted maltiness of this Wooden Robot beer contrast the smokey flavors in the meal (in the same way that an oak-aged Cabernet Sauvignon would) for a well-balanced culinary experience.


Spicy Orange Shrimp with Cauliflower Rice  + Legion Brewing " Crease Monkey" 

This spicy and citrus-y shrimp meal demands a light, refreshing beer that will enhance (rather than compete with) the flavors it presents. That's where this Legion Brewing Hefeweizen comes in. The spicy, fruity notes in this traditionally German beer are just delicate enough to add to the overall tasting experience without taking away from the shrimp. 


Pork Chili Verde with Carrots & Cabbage + Lenny Boy Brewing "Elite Beet" Kombucha

Not a beer drinker? No worries! This pairing features one of our favorite non-alcoholic kombuchas from Lenny Boy Brewing. The herbal flavors of beet and ginger root in the kombucha balance out the heat from this fatty, rich, and spicy pork dish perfectly. And, bonus: kombucha is considered a detoxifying drink, is low in calorie content and sugar, and has beneficial bacteria that aid digestion and boost immunity. Talk about a winning combination!


Eat Healthy (Without Cooking or Doing Dishes) With The Good Kitchen

If these meals look appealing to you, there are dozens more where they came from! Get three meals FREE with your first order from The Good Kitchen using promo code WorkForYourBeer by clicking here! Trust us, these fresh, fully-prepared meals make living a healthy and balanced lifestyle so much easier—especially if you're as busy as we are.

Which of these beer and food pairings are you most excited to try? Is there a healthy meal and beer combination that you love? Share it with us at @workforyourbeer for the chance to be featured on our feed!