Disclosure: We tried 2ULaundry each week for a month to review their services and write about our experience. Here's what we learned. 

When it comes to making (and sticking to) health and fitness goals, there are so many factors to consider. Do you have the right pair of shoes? Are you setting yourself up for success in the kitchen? Do you know how to recover properly after a workout? All important considerations! 

But you know what consideration people often forget about? Whether or not you've got clean gym clothes for the workout you're planning that day.

It's an easy excuse. "Oh, I don't have any clean sports bras, I guess I can't go on a run then." In fact, it's one that we've used a time or two ourselves! So, we reached out to the folks at 2ULaundry to test out their services and see if having consistently clean activewear would influence our fitness habits in any way.

What is 2ULaundry?

In case you haven't heard of it (or seen the pink 2U van driving around the Queen City), 2ULaundry is a premium door-to-door laundry and dry cleaning delivery service. The company started back in 2015 and was founded on the mission of giving people more time to do the things they love by taking a tedious and time-consuming task off of their plates. 

As 2ULaundry puts it, they are "passionate about the highest quality of clothing care, committed to providing the perfect customer experience, and most of all, in love with the idea that everyone should have more time for what’s important." 

Our Experience with 2ULaundry

The first thing we did was create an account with 2ULaundry detailing our personal laundry preferences. Were we looking for scented, hypo-allergenic, or baby-safe detergent? Did we want fabric softener to be used? Were we interested in having any of our clothes hung to dry rather than put in the dryer? Did we need anything dry cleaned? 

We filled out our preferences and scheduled our first pick-up. We immediately got text messages from 2ULaundry confirming our preferences and date of pick-up, and reminding us that clothes we wanted to go through a dryer would go in the blue bag provided to us, clothes we wanted to be hung to dry would go in the pink bag, and clothes we wanted to be dry cleaned would go in the black bag. Important: in order not to be charged for the pink hang dry bag, it must be placed inside of the blue bag! That's a lesson I learned after week one.

We each got a reminder text the day of our scheduled pick-up, reminding us to put our laundry out by 8 AM to be picked up. We then got a text once our driver was a few minutes away, and another text when our laundry had been picked up. 

The next day, we each got a message when our clothes had been cleaned and were on their way back to us, so we could be ready to grab them off the porch once they had been dropped off. Then we got a message confirming that our bags had been delivered, at which point we were able to get them off our front porch and check out the clothes themselves. 

The clothes were folded neatly in piles, creased to perfection and wrinkle-free. Even our underwear was folded, and our socks were paired up! The clothes we requested to be hung came to us on wire hangers and were hung on a hook on the front door, so we could just pop them straight from that hook into our closets. 

Everything smelled fresh and clean! We had a big pile of folded activewear to choose from for the coming week's beer fitness activities. 

We were so excited about how easy the whole process was. Doing laundry isn't a particularly hard task, but it's definitely one that gets pushed to the wayside when you've got other things on your plate. Prioritizing is tough when you've got so many things going on, and laundry tends not to be a priority... Which is how you end up digging through your hamper to see which of your sports bras smells the least bad so that you have something to wear for your workout. 2ULaundry took this responsibility off of our plate and made sure all of our activewear was clean and ready to be worn to all of our workouts for the week. 

As excited as we were about the clean laundry itself, we were even more impressed by 2ULaundry's customer service. At one point, I accidentally included a "dry-clean only" item in my blue bag. I got a phone call from 2ULaundry double checking whether I wanted the item to be washed normally or if I'd prefer for it to be dry cleaned. They could easily have dumped all of the clothes in together without a second thought and blamed me for the mistake, but they didn't! They took the time to inspect each item before washing, so that none of my clothing items would be harmed in the process. Now THAT'S service. 

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You didn't think we were going to tell you all about how amazing it was to have clean laundry for a month and not let you try out the service for yourself, did you? We've got your back!

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