Disclaimer: We partnered with Tonic Products to test the company's products and write an honest review of our experience. Read on to learn more!

I was talking to my mom on the phone a few weeks ago about her new nutrition plan, and she was telling me about all the things she adds to her morning smoothie. She mentioned all the usual suspects—leafy greens, berries, chia seeds, etc.—but then she included a newcomer: collagen. 

"Collagen?" I asked her. "Like, the stuff that middle-aged women inject into their faces?" She explained to me that the collagen she added to her smoothies was simply powder, and that yes, it had skin-firming and youth-revitalizing benefits. But beyond that, she said that she also liked collagen because it aids with muscle building and post-workout recovery. 

After trying protein powder for the first time just a few weeks ago, I was curious about how collagen might be different. Then I saw a fitness blogger on my Instagram feed posting about Tonic Products, a collagen company that offered a few different intriguing products that were adorably packaged and said to provide a whole host of physical benefits for muscles, skin, and more. 

I spoke with the folks at Tonic Products to see if my co-founder Mel and I could give their products a try, and they were on board. They sent products our way, and the two of us incorporated collagen into our daily routines for a month. 

What did we like or dislike about these products? Did we see results? How can you get 10% off of your own purchase of Tonic Products? You'll have to keep reading to find out. 

So, What's the Deal With Tonic Products?  

Tonic Products sells collagen products as part of its mission "t​o excite the health and wellness market with natural products that are necessary to achieve and maintain a balanced lifestyle." These products include Traditional Tonic(Nourishing Collagen), Beauty Tonic (Beauty Collagen), and Gym & Tonic (Collagen Protein). 

So, what is the difference between all three? Based on the Tonic Products FAQs page, they are as follows: 

Traditional Tonic Nourishing Collagen is a bovine bone collagen peptides powder that closely simulates a traditional, home-cooked bone broth. It is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, grass fed and pasture raised with no artificial growth hormones, and paleo friendly.

This tonic is intended to balance, cleanse and restore your body from within.

Beauty Tonic Beauty Collagen is a proprietary blend of types I and III collagen to mimic the collagen that naturally occurring in our skin. It is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, and paleo friendly.

This tonic is meant to replenish your body’s collagen to prevent and reverse the formation of wrinkles, cellulite, and stretch marks.

Gym & Tonic Collagen Protein is hydrolyzed collagen protein that has an amino acid profile similar to other protein powders on the market and has the highest protein content per serving. It is gluten free, soy free, dairy free, non-GMO, grass fed and pasture raised with no artificial growth hormones, and paleo friendly. 

This tonic's goal is to ​define muscle, reduce recovery time after physical activity, and improve joint function.

After reading up on all of this, I knew that I wanted to test the Beauty Tonic and Mel was ready to give Gym & Tonic a shot. We both received our products and added them into our morning routines. Here's what we learned.

Alicia's Review: Beauty Tonic  

The first thing that I loved when I received Beauty Tonic was its packaging. There were 20 stick packs of unflavored collagen powder (the same size as instant coffee or a water-enhancer like Crystal Light) inside of one cute, convenient container.

The stick packs were easy to toss into my bag in the morning so I could add the collagen to my favorite beverage, as the instructions told me to do—which often meant it ended up in my coffee, tea, or juice. As promised, the powder was flavorless. My beverages always tasted the same with or without it after I stirred the collagen in.

After about a week, adding the powder to the first thing I drank in the morning became a habit. But it took probably three weeks for me to start seeing any physical difference as a result of consuming the collagen.

Around the three week mark, I started noticing that the bags under my eyes seemed much less prominent. I attributed this to a particularly good night of sleep at first, but then I continued to notice it for several days. Then halfway through the third week, my best friend told me my skin looked brighter, and I decided this product was a winner. 

I haven't noticed anything in particular change in regards to stretch marks or cellulite yet, but I can say with certainty that there's a noticeable difference in my complexion. I wish I had taken before-and-after shots to make sure it wasn't all in my head (next time!), but for now, all I can say is that I am pleased with the effects I've seen so far.

Mel's Review: Gym & Tonic  

Mel recently started taking daily fitness classes at Orangetheory before work in the mornings (because she's a crazy person). She's been going through Orangetheory's "Hell Week" this past week, which is just as physically intense as you'd imagine, so she was excited to try a new type of protein to see how it might impact her muscle building efforts as well as her recovery period after workouts.

According to the Tonic Products website, Gym & Tonic is a pure protein (containing 18 essential amino acids) that is fundamental to our body’s connective tissue, muscles and joints. Here's what Mel had to say about using Gym & Tonic collagen whey as compared to traditional protein powders she's used in the past: 

"Using new protein powder can create an unhappy digestive system situation for me, so I tend to be highly aware of what I'm putting in my body. Since Gym & Tonic uses only one ingredient (and it is dairy free, soy free, gluten free, free of artificial growth hormones and sourced from grass fed, pasture raised cattle), I had no tummy issues and felt great adding a scoop into my daily routine. I mixed it in with water and Trader Joe's cold brew concentrate, and it just tasted like I was drinking a normal cold brew—but I got 20 more grams of protein!" 

Try Tonic Products For Yourself & Get 10% Off of Your Order

All in all, we were both happy with the results we saw from our respective tonics—though I do expect that if we continued using them consistently for more than just the initial month, we would have seen much more. The products were convenient to add into our routines and attractive to have sitting out on our countertops, too, which were bonuses that we didn't even know we were looking for. 

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