​If you live in Charlotte, you've probably heard of at least a few of the major brewery fitness events that go on in the city each week. For instance, most people are familiar with OMB Yoga on Tap, one of the largest recurring yoga classes in the country. And a lot of people know about NoDa Run Club, Charlotte's original brewery run club. But beyond that, most Charlotteans have no idea just how many opportunities there are to get involved in the Queen City brewery fitness scene. 

The fact is, almost every brewery in Charlotte hosts some kind of recurring brewery fitness event, whether it's a yoga class, run club, bike-and-brew, pilates class, or HIIT workout.

These classes are only growing in popularity, and yet for some reason, there's no one central location for people in the community to go to find comprehensive information about all of these classes. 

We tell you this from our own experience. The two of us—Alicia Thomas and Melanie Fox—started going to brewery yoga classes about a year ago. We visited two or three different classes before we were hooked. We wanted to try out more of them, but without already knowing where the classes were being hosted, we weren't sure how to find them.

We realized that if we were struggling to find all of this information about beer yoga, then other people were probably dealing with the same issue when seeking details about the run clubs and other exercise events. There was no resource we could find that listed every brewery fitness activity available to us in Charlotte. 

So, we decided to make one.

We co-founded Work For Your Beer to create the ultimate Charlotte brewery fitness resource. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive guide to all of the fitness activities offered at breweries and restaurants throughout the Queen City, all in one place. 

Additionally, we know that there is ample opportunity to help this niche Charlotte community grow even bigger, and we want to help make that happen. We hope to use Work For Your Beer as a way to highlight members of the brewery fitness community, and to help them connect with one another. 

We would love to connect with you on social media to help this community grow to its full potential! Anytime you hit up a brewery fitness event, tag us at @workforyourbeer and use the hashtag #workforyourbeer—we'd love to see the beer you're drinking and other fun things you're doing in the Queen City.

Also, make sure you sign up for our Weekly Brewsletter! We'll send it out every Sunday evening with information about what's going on in Charlotte's brewery fitness community this week, so you can plan your week accordingly. It will also include community features, blog posts, and other awesome content you won't want to miss. Sign up here!

One last note: we designed this site based on our own experiences, in hopes that it could be the resource we'd have loved to have back when we started going to brewery yoga classes last year. We tried to answer all of the questions we had about these classes, in as much detail as possible. But we're admittedly new at this, so if there's any information missing, or anything you came to the site to find but aren't seeing,  please let us know! You can contact us here with any questions or concerns (or if you'd just like to chat). We're here to make this site the best it can be for YOU, the Charlotte brewery fitness community, so we'd love to hear from you.

That's it for now. We can't wait to grow with you.


Alicia & Mel

Work For Your Beer Co-Founders