At Work For Your Beer, we love a great workout followed by a great beer. Sometimes we head to a brewery to get our sweat on and sometimes we workout at local gym or studio. There are even times when a local gym heads to brewery to teach their own beer fitness class! No matter where we workout, we love trying out classes to discover new and fun ways to work for our beer.

That’s why we started Work For Your Beer Spotlights , a series in which we highlight local fitness classes to show you how you can work for your beer at breweries and beyond (and support local businesses in the process).

Next up in the series, Team Bootcamp Tuesdays with CrossFit QC at Blue Blaze Brewing. This hour-long bootcamp class is a CrossFit-style workout built around teamwork. CrossFit QC's goal for the class is "to transform your health in a safe and engaging community environment."

We're all about community, so when Meghan Sylvester, Co-founder of CrossFit QC, reached out to invite us to try a class, we jumped at the chance.

Read on to learn more about our experience at Team Bootcamp Tuesdays with CrossFit QC.

The Essentials

Team Bootcamp Tuesdays

Brewery: Blue Blaze Brewing

Location: West Charlotte Address: 528 South Turner Ave. Charlotte, NC 28208

Instructors: Meghan Sylvester, Carrie Masto, or Jess Fischli of CrossFit QC


Social: Facebook | Instagram  

CrossFit QC

Location: West Charlotte

Address: 1500-B West Morehead St. Charlotte, NC 28208


Social: Instagram

The Brewery

Team Bootcamp Tuesdays takes place in the warehouse of Blue Blaze Brewing.  There's plenty of room to move around and break a sweat. When the weather is nice, the bootcamp moves outside.

The Class

This upbeat class led by CrossFit QC is a Crossfit-style group workout followed by ten minutes of deep stretch. The workouts will vary each week, but will include bodyweight CrossFit movements, interval training, and mobility and deep stretches. Some will be individual workouts, others will be completed with a partner or on a team. All fitness levels are welcome as all workouts are scalable for both beginners and advanced athletes.

The Investment

For $8, you get the class, a 13oz beer, and tip.

For more information regarding the investment to attend CrossFit QC, reach out to

The Details

Meghan Sylvester, Co-founder of CrossFit QC and instructor, started the class with a warm-up to get our blood pumping. The warm-up consisted of us running around the warehouse to a Missy Elliot song and then stopping to do air squats when the song reached the chorus. Not only was this a lot of fun, but the running and squatting really helped to activate our muscles for the workout ahead. 

Once we were warmed up, Meghan walked us through the partner workout we'd be completing. The workout was based around a deck of cards, where each suit represented a different movement. For our workout, clubs meant we had to complete goblet squats, hearts were burpees, diamonds were plank walks, and spades were slam balls.

The workout started with one partner selecting a card that represented a workout that their partner would complete. Once the exercise was completed, the partner who selected the card would hand it off to their partner as approval that they finished. Then, the partner would run to the other end of the warehouse to Meghan to return the card and select a workout for their partner. This continued until the time allotted was up.

While it may sound complicated, Meghan made it super easy for us to follow and to make sure we were completing the moves correctly. Before we started, she thoroughly explained each exercise and even had us all try them, to ensure we were completing the moves correctly to avoid injury.

Then, the fun started. The energy level in the room was high as everyone moved from exercise to exercise, but the best part was the palpable teamwork. Everyone was cheering each other on and shouting encouraging words. There were plenty of high-fives and laughter to get us through the challenging workout.

This parter workout made up a majority of the class and we continued to work our way through the deck of cards until Meghan told us time was up.  For the last ten minutes of class, we went through a series of deep stretch movements to cool down, like downward facing dog and reverse pigeon. 

Then, in true Work For Your Beer fashion, we ended the class with a beer.

The Aftermath

While we weren't as sore the next day as we expected to be, we could definitely tell we had worked hard the day before. This is a great class to work into your weekly schedule that will consistently give you a good burn.

The Bottom Line

This was a really fun and high energy class. Not only did the workout kick our butts, but the team atmosphere CrossFit QC built the class around really helped to push us along the way. We would definitely go back!

Are you ready to try Team Bootcamp Tuesdays with CrossFit QC at Blue Blaze Brewing?

Head to Blue Blaze Brewing for Team Bootcamp Tuesdays with CrossFit QC and then let us know how it went! Post a photo on social using the hashtag #workforyourbeer for a chance to be featured on @workforyourbeer.

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