No summer in Charlotte is complete until you've enjoyed a local beer (or two). In fact, a cold beer is often a favorite way to rehydrate after a boot camp kicks our butts or a yoga class brings us back to center.  

But what happens when you’ve tried all the pints in the area and are looking for something new to drink at home? We take it up a notch by turning local brews into beer cocktails.  

We've put together three beer cocktail recipes that you NEED to try before summer’s over.

 Bloody Beer-y

Get your veggies in as you get your buzz on at brunch this weekend. Birdsong Brewing’s Jalapeño Pale Ale is the perfect complement to rich tomato juice in this cross between a Bloody Mary and a Michelada.  

Serves Two

1 can Birdsong Jalapeno Pale Ale (16 oz)

2 cans tomato juice (5.5 oz per can)

2 Tbsp. Worcestershire sauce

Pinch of salt Pinch of pepper

Hot sauce (to taste)  

Shake all ingredients (except for the beer!) with ice until blended. Strain into two-pint glasses filled with fresh ice. Top with beer. Garnish with celery.

Watermelon Radler

Radlers are the ultimate summer drink. In this cocktail, Catawba Brewing's White Zombie and lemon-lime soda come together to create a refreshing concoction that tastes as good next to the pool as it does on the couch. Take it up a notch by adding in-season watermelon for an extra layer of flavor.  

Serves One

1 can Catawba White Zombie (12 oz)

¼ cup cubed watermelon

Splash of Sprite (or 7Up)  

Muddle the watermelon until the juice has been released. Strain juice into a pint glass, then top with the White Zombie. Add Sprite to taste. (Hint: Use more Sprite if you like sweeter drinks, or use less if you really want the beer to shine through.)

Coco Loco Float

What would summer be without an ice cream float? This one is extra special, thanks to NoDa Brewing's Coco Loco chocolate coconut porter and a sneaky splash of whiskey that will really get the party going.  

Serves One

1 can NoDa Coco Loco (16 oz)

1.5 oz Jack Daniel’s

Scoop of vanilla ice cream  

Place a big scoop of ice cream in a pint glass. Top with a shot of Jack Daniel’s, then slowly pour in Coco Loco until the glass is full. Stir lightly and serve with a straw and a spoon.

What's your favorite beer cocktail?

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