Heads up, this post is brought to you in partnership with Athletic Brewing Company, pioneers in revolutionizing non-alcoholic craft beer — but don't worry, all opinions are still our own.

As someone currently in the thick of my own Dry January experience, I can tell you that the majority of people (and, uh, establishments) are NOT great at offering non-alocholic beverages that don't suck for guests who aren't drinking.

For instance, I went to a networking event a couple of days ago and literally the only option for me was tap water. And last week, when I went to a local bar that was rumored to have a decent mocktail selection, I asked for something non-alcoholic and the bartender sighed like he was annoyed and gave me cranberry juice.

Like, why?

Whether you're doing a Dry January or you simply don't drink overall, you shouldn't be stuck with crappy options when it comes to craft beverages.

We recommend keeping the following drinks in stock to make your sobriety experience a little tastier:


If You're Usually a Beer-Drinker:
Non-Alcoholic Craft Beer from Athletic Brewing Co.



At Athletic Brewing Co., they believe you shouldn't have to sacrifice your ability to be healthy, active, and at your best in order to enjoy great beer — which is why they created their own innovative lineup of refreshing, non-alcoholic craft beers. 

This is NOT the standard, stale-tasting non-alcoholic beer that your weird uncles used to drink, y'all. It seriously tastes like a craft beer. Athletic Brewing Co. crafts their innovative recipes using only pure, all-natural ingredients in small batches using an intricate process that lets you enjoy the refreshing taste of craft beer without the alcohol.

We're definitely partial to the "Run Wild" non-alcoholic IPA, but you really can't go wrong with any of the six-packs ABC has to offer. Or if you want to try 'em all, you can get a custom package of fresh beer every month (plus exclusive discounts and more) when you join The Athletic Club for $24.99/month.

Whether you're sober for the day, the month, or indefinitely, this non-alcoholic beer is definitely one of our top suggestions!


If You're Usually A Wine-Drinker:
Zero-Proof 'Booch from Humm Kombucha



In case you're unfamiliar, kombucha is a lightly-effervescent drink made by combining tea with bacteria and yeast.

Some folks brew alcoholic 'booch, but Humm Kombucha keeps their flavors alcohol-free and tasty by brewing with an innovative, patent-pending fermentation process called FIP (a controlled brewing technology that provides product consistency, enhances product stability, limits alcohol production, and ensures vibrant microbial activity) and quality ingredients (like organic black and green tea, organic cane sugar, and organic fruit juices).

The most important notes for you on Humm Kombucha, if you're considering grabbing a bottle? They've got 13 unique flavors to choose from, some of which have as low as 5g of sugar — and you can find their products all across the country.


If You're Usually A Cocktail-Drinker:
Booze-Free Cocktails from Curious Elixirs



For all the flavor of craft cocktails without the booze factor, look no further than Curious Elixirs. All of their "shaken, not slurred" mocktail options are handcrafted in the Hudson Valley with organic ingredients and no added sugar. Each flavor is bold and unique in its own way, including:

  • Curious No. 1 - A bitter pomegranate cocktail inspired by the Negroni (typically made with gin, Campari, and sweet red vermouth), but designed to lift you up with rhodiola
  • Curious No. 2 - The spicy lovechild of the pineapple margarita and a Dark & Stormy (typically made with rum, ginger beer, and a dash of bitters)
  • Curious No. 3 - A blend of lemon, cucumber, alpine herbs, and ashwagandha reminiscent of a Cucumber Collins (typically made with gin, club soda, lemon, cucumber, and simple syrup)
  • Curious No. 4 - Inspired by an Aperol Spritz (typically made with, but with blood orange, green mandarin, turmeric and American ginseng to give you a boost, and tulsi to help you de-stress 

You can order your preferred flavors individually in sets of 4 or 12 bottles (which equates to 8 or 24 cocktails), or you can join the Curious Cocktail Club to receive a variety of 4 to 12 bottles (aka 8 or 24 cocktails) each month.


What's Your Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink?

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