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Beer of the Week: Legion Brewing, "Sour Draft Kids"

26 January, 2019

First they're sour. Then they're sweet. Then they're... beer? That's right! Legion Brewing's newest beer release will taste just like one of our favorite childhood can... (more)

Beer of the Week: Victory Brewing Company, "Home Grown Dry-Hopped Lager"

21 July, 2018

Whether or not you've checked out Brewers at 4001 Yancey yet (and we hope you have!), you're probably already familia... (more)

Beer of the Week: Birdsong Brewing, "So Fresh"

13 October, 2018

Our calendars may tell us it’s October, but the weather outside says otherwise. And just like our wardrobes, our taste buds are experiencing a delayed seasonal transition.  ... (more)

Beer of the Week: The DreamChaser's Brewery, "Coconut Wail of the Baen Sidhe"

28 July, 2018

When the summer season rolls around, sometimes we just default to reaching for the lightest, lowest ABV beer, most "crushable" beer possible so we can toss back several of them for a litt... (more)

Beer of the Week: Legion Brewing, "Juan Direction"

05 May, 2018

Sure, we crave ice-cold margaritas on Cinco de Mayo — but that's not the only day of the year when we've got margs on our minds! And great news: the part sweet, part salty, part ... (more)

Beer of the Week: Bold Missy Brewery, "Serious Black IPA"

27 October, 2018

I solemnly swear I am up to no good — and that our local beer of the week is very good. Halloween is finally upon us, and that means two things: Harry Potter... (more)

Beer of the Week: Unknown Brewing, "Feather Light"

03 March, 2018

Get excited, y'all: Charlotte's first true light beer has finally arrived.  A lot of people think that they've had light beers at other breweries ... (more)

WFYB Gift Guide: 16 Gift Ideas For Beer Fitness Fanatics

10 December, 2017

It's the most wonderful time of the year! With twinkling lights, eggnog, and festive music, it's impossible to not be filled with the spirit of the season. Do you have people... (more)

Beer of the Week: Catawba Brewing Co., "Winter Sour"

05 January, 2019

If you're like us, your New Year's Resolution might involve trying more new craft beers in 2019. Sound familiar? Then you're definitely going to want to learn about Catawba Brewing Co.&... (more)

WFYB Gift Guide: 16 Gifts For The Beer Lover In Your Life

03 December, 2017

It's that time again! We're all making lists and checking them twice to get all of our loved ones something they'll love this holiday season.  Is there someone (or m... (more)