If you're like us, your New Year's Resolution might involve trying more new craft beers in 2019. Sound familiar? Then you're definitely going to want to learn about Catawba Brewing Co.'s new Passport Program, which will help you "Tour the World of Beer" with weekly small batch releases (and earn rewards and enter to win grand prize drawings)!

This week's release is our Beer of the Week, the "Winter Sour." Read on to learn more about this limited edition brew and the Passport Program it's a part of at Catawba Brewing Co. 

The Beer: Winter Sour

The latest in Catawba Brewing Co.'s Passport Program series of weekly small batch releases, the Winter Sour is an Appalachian-style kettle sour. The 6.0% ABV brew was soured in the kettle for tart flavors of lemon, apple, and pear — and it was brewed with 5 lbs. of foraged spruce tips and 3 lbs. of peppermint leaves for a wintry twist. It will be released in the taproom this Thursday 1/10, so don't miss your chance to give it a taste (and earn your digital Passport stamp).

The Brewery: Catawba Brewing Co.

Catawba Brewing Co. has four locations: one in Asheville's South Slope, one in the Biltmore Village area of Asheville, one in downtown Morganton, and one right here in Charlotte.

In the Queen City's Belmont neighborhood (right near Advent Coworking, Intermezzo, and Central Coffee) Catawba has a 10,000 sq. ft. taproom and brewery, open seven days a week. They also recently opened The Barrel Room at Catawba, a 4,300 sq. ft. private event venue located directly behind the brewhouse.

You have to check out their patio. It's got plenty of seating, an outdoor walk-up bar for you to order your beer from, a triad of hammocks for you to lounge in, and a gorgeous view of the Charlotte skyline.

The Passport Program

Click here to sign up for Catawba Brewing Co.'s 2019 Passport Program, then bookmark my.catawbabrewing.com on your phone's Internet browser to start collecting your digital passport stamps each week!

Here's how it works: you ask the bartender at Catawba Brewing Co. for the weekly password each time you visit to verify your Passport Beer check-in. Once you've gotten the password, just log in using the link above and follow the simple online instructions to claim your stamp!

This program gives you the chance to "Tour the World of Beer" with weekly small batch releases from Catawba Brewing Co., allowing you to taste unique new beers. At the same time, you'll collect digital stamps that allow you to earn rewards and enter to win grand prize drawings each season. And bonus: you'll get exclusive Passport Program member access to pre-orders for limited bottle and can releases of specialty beers.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here!

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