Now that we're done with all of those April showers, it's time for some May flowers—and sunshine! We're so happy that warmer temperatures and blue skies have arrived in the Queen City. And thankfully, we've found the perfect beer for you to sip while you enjoy both of the above.

Read on to learn more about our local beer of the week, the brewery it came from, and the fitness activities (and other upcoming events) they've got to offer Charlotte's active beer-lovers.

The Beer: "Coco Rico"

One of our new favorite warm-weather beers in Charlotte, "Coco Rico" is a coconut, vanilla, lactose, and lime zest IPA crafted by Salud Cerveceria's new head brewer, Dustin Di Lorenzo. The 6.4% ABV brew is reminiscent of a coconut mojito—plus hops, of course. The vanilla and coconut cut the hoppiness, the lactose adds some smoothness to each sip, and the lime zest rounds out the flavor profile for a refreshing, balanced beer that's not too tart, not too sweet, and not too hoppy. Call us Goldilocks, but this beer's "just right" for summertime. Snag a crowler to enjoy by the pool and thank us later.

The Brewery: Salud Cerveceria

Salud Cerveceria is one of the most unique breweries that has recently opened in the Charlotte area for a few reasons. First off, instead of tacking on the seemingly standard "Brewing Co." or "Brewery" at the end of its name, owners Jason and Dairelyn Glunt opted for "Cerveceria," which means brewery in Spanish. (Pronunciation guide: sair-vay-ser-ree-ah.)

Secondly, Salud Cerveceria sits atop its sister property Salud Beer Shop, which started out as a bottle shop promoting local and regional craft beers—and now has 12 beers on tap, as well as hundreds of craft beer bottles and cans from all over the world.

Beyond that, Salud Cerveceria shares its space with Trade & Lore, a craft coffee shop with roots in Asheville, NC. The 3,100 sq. ft. space acts as a coffee shop in the morning, and a brewery taproom at night. Bonus: it also means that you can order iced tea or cold brew coffee on draft anytime, morning or evening.

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