Here in Charlotte, there are plenty of options when it comes to piecing together your own affordable exercise routine. There are fitness activities happening at breweries all over the city every night of the week, ranging from yoga to run clubs to bootcamps and more. But we get it: sometimes, you just want to work out totally alone in the comfort of your own home. 

‚ÄčThere's a plethora of ways for you to get your beer workout in from your own apartment, house, or dwelling! One of our favorite options is to use six-packs of beer as your "weights" for strength training. But why purchase a regular old six-pack from the store when you could get your own customized beer caddy and support a local business? 

Learn more about the beautiful beer caddies (and other beer-and-wine-related items) that local artisans Matthew and Kristi Hoffmaster of Hoffmaster Woodworks create and customize for beer-lovers in Charlotte and beyond!

We first saw Hoffmaster Woodworks' hand-crafted creations at the Queen City Brewers Festival back in February, and we loved their rustic beer accessories right off the bat. When we learned that not only did they construct and stain these items by hand, but they could also use custom laser engraving to create a totally unique product every time, we were sold! Who wouldn't want to see their brand's logo on a beer caddy (particularly when the logo literally includes a beer)?

Stained or au natural, engraved or not, these caddies have already proven to be useful additions to our brew-loving lifestyle here at Work For Your Beer. They're convenient to use in place of hand weights when doing squats or bicep curls—particularly because once we finish our set, we can snag a bottle out of the caddy, pop the cap off using the built-in bottle opener, and sip on some delicious local beer. 

And of course, they're useful on our rest days, too! We can mix and match beers from our favorite four-packs or six-packs, bring 'em out to the porch, and just chill out. And thankfully, we've got these engraved wooden coasters from Hoffmaster Woodworks, too—so our patio table is safe from rings from the cans or bottles, and we're able to kick back and enjoy not working for our beer.

We're so in love with our new beer caddies that we've been voting for Hoffmaster Woodworks to win the Etsy Small Business contest, which could earn them $10K to grow their business. Every vote helps, so if you agree that their products are fantastic and want to support them, you can cast your vote here! 

Interested in learning more about Hoffmaster Woodworks, or want to snag your own custom beer caddy or coasters? Head to their Etsy shop now!