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It can be tough to find a balance between spending money on the stuff that you love and saving money for things like a down payment for a home.

You've probably heard of the saying "champagne taste on a beer budget." The phrase basically means that you want the better things in life — say, bottles of bubbly and high-end yoga mats — despite the fact that your spending limit might be more on the "buying 12-packs of PBR when they're on sale at the supermarket and yoga mats from yard sales" level.

But you know Work For Your Beer is all about finding balance! We believe that you can find ways to buy the higher-end things you love without totally wrecking your budget and savings goals.

Here are a few of our top tried-and-true ways to save money on the things you love without totally sacrificing them:

Check for Coupons & Promo Codes Before Making a Purchase

Whether you're shopping in-store or online, a simple Google search of "coupon for [store name]" or "promo code for [store name]" can help you save money on everything from sports equipment to electronics and beyond.

Download Apps & Browser Extensions That Will Keep Your Budget In Check

If you're looking for apps to help you save money on purchases, try the Honey browser extension or the RetailMeNot app. Both will help you find active coupons and promo codes to reduce the costs of whatever you're buying, so you don't need to dip into your savings!

Alternatively, if you're looking for apps that will help you create and track your budgets and savings goals, you can try Mint, PocketGuard, or You Need A Budget.

Find Free & Cheap Community Workouts Instead of Expensive Classes

You can do a quick Facebook Events search to see if there are any free or inexpensive workouts happening at parks, gyms, and more in your area.

Or if you'd prefer to get your sweat on at a brewery (like we do!), you can simply go to Work For Your Beer and filter your search by "Free" or "< $5" to find free and cheap activities near you.

Check Out the Daily Specials at Your Favorite Local Breweries Before Deciding Where to Grab a Drink With Friends

Before you and your crew decide where to meet up for a beer or two, check out a few nearby breweries' websites, Facebook pages, and Instagram profiles to see if any of them have daily specials. Some breweries offer $2 pours, $10 crowlers, or even $5 pitchers of craft beer on particular days of the week, so you can enjoy your favorite local brews without putting such a dent in your bank account.

Learn More About Financial Fitness & Saving for a Home From Wyndham Capital Mortgage

Here at Work For Your Beer, we're all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. And while physical fitness is certainly a part of that, so is financial fitness.

That's why we are partnering with Wyndham Capital Mortgage for Work For Your Beer's new "Financial Fitness" series!

Much like you can't just wake up one morning and decide to run a marathon, you can't just snap your fingers and have an amazing credit score or enough money for a down payment in your savings account.

Both physical fitness and financial fitness require training, dedication, and patience.

And the same way you'd work with a coach or fitness instructor to help you get into shape, you can work with experts like our friends at Wyndham to get your finances in order as you aim for goals like improving your credit, building up your savings account, and more as you work toward buying a home.