As the Work For Your Beer community continues to grow into new beer-centric cities across the U.S. (and all around the world!), we love getting to know the active beer-lovers that make up our wonderful, weird little niche section of the social media world — which is precisely why we started our new "Cheers & Chat" blog series.

With each post in this new series, you'll get to know some of the stellar people behind the craft beer Instagram accounts we love to follow, as well as what led them to become such an integral part of the craft beer community.

We kicked things off last month with @JenniferTheBeerdedLady. This month, we spoke with @The_PintSized_Traveler — aka Brie Bernstel of Orlando, FL.

Work For Your Beer: So, Brie. Let's think of you as a craft beer super hero for a second. What would your "origin story" be, as far as craft beer goes? What got you started?

Brie Bernstel: My craft beer journey first began about three years ago, when my fiancé Doug first decided he wanted to open a brewery — so, we started traveling around doing "recon." I fell in love first with his passion, then the beer, and finally, with all the men and women who make this the absolute best industry to work in.

WFYB: Do you remember what your "gateway beer" was? The first one you ever tried, that got you into all the rest?

BB: I believe my first brewery was 7eventh Sun brewery in Dunedin, Florida... which was also my first craft beer. I tried a few styles, but their sours are what turned me to the dark side.

WFYB: So would you say that sours are your go-to beer style, then? 

BB: Sours have always been my cup of tea. There was just something about the complexity of the style that captivated me from the start.

WFYB: On the flip side, is there a beer style that you just can't really get into? 

BB: I am not the biggest american IPA fan. I've had several that I love, don't get me wrong — but it's not something I would immediately order at a brewery or bar.

WFYB: Let's talk about breweries. What would you say is your favorite brewery in your area?

BB: I can't choose just a single brewery, but I am a huge fan of Hourglass, Sideward, Tactical and Bowigens in Orlando.

WFYB: What would you say is the coolest brewery that you ever visited? 

BB: I'd definitely have to say Torched Hop out of Atlanta, Georgia. The food, the beer, and the ambiance are all exquisite, and they bring such a fun twist to everything they touch.

WFYB: What’s one brewery (or beer) on your bucket list?

BB: Highland Brewery out of Ashville, North Carolina is definitely top on my list. They were actually the first brewery in Asheville, which helped pave the way for all of the other top-notch establishments that now inhabit the area to flourish.

WFYB: If someone asked you to do a beer share today, what would be the beers you’d put in your mixed pack to share with them?

BB: Great question! I'd have to say:

  • Sourmanjaro from Deviant Wolfe
  • 11 Alive from Tactical
  • Alpha Abstruction by Wild Leap
  • Dreamland by Black Project Beer
  • Foeder Head by Calusa Brewing

WFYB: What is your preferred way to Work For Your Beer? 

BB: I have always been a fan of just straight weight lifting. There is something so satisfying about getting stronger and working towards an internal goal. It also helps take out your day's frustrations.

WFYB: Since you’ve been a part of the craft beer community, how have you seen it change (for better or for worse)?

BB: I've seen it change definitely for the better by the amount of women who have changed the beer game. From becoming head brewers to being the face of brands, I LOVE seeing how far women have come in the industry.

WFYB: What has your experience been like as a woman in the world of craft beer?

BB: I am very fortunate to not have had too many struggles within my field. I hear stories and truly feel for the women who have been underestimated and talked down to — but from time to time, I'll have a bartender who questions my choice of beer, and I just have to let it go sometimes and not sweat the small things. Like everything else, people will change with the times and all we can do is stick together and continue to MAKE the industry grow through our input and innovations.

WFYB: What advice would you give to someone considering getting involved in the craft beer community?

BB: I would say drink your beer, work your grind, and don't let ANYONE tell you otherwise.

Thank you to Brie for taking the time to share her story with us here on the Work For Your Beer blog — and cheers to even more opportunities to chat with incredible members of the craft beer community!

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