As the Work For Your Beer community continues to grow into new beer-centric cities across the U.S. (and all around the world!), we love getting to know the active beer-lovers that make up our wonderful, weird little niche section of the social media world — which is precisely why we're kicking off our new "Cheers & Chat" blog series!

With each post in this new series, you'll get to know some of the stellar people behind the craft beer Instagram accounts we love to follow, as well as what led them to become such an integral part of the craft beer community. 

This month, we connected with our new Work For Your Beer B.A. (brand ambassador / badass) Fredy, aka @strongtexasbeerd out of Austin, TX.

Work For Your Beer: Hey, Fredy, thanks for chatting with us! Let's start at the beginning, here. When and how would you say your craft beer journey began? And what would you say was your "gateway" craft beer?

Fredy: The bar that I started working at had a great craft beer selection. And the first beer I tried that made me want to get into craft beer was Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. 

WFYB: And these days, what's your go-to beer style?

F: Pilsner, for sure! Rocket 100 from Austin Beer Garden Brewing.

WFYB: Is there a beer style out there that you just canNOT get into? If so, what?

F: I can honestly say that I enjoy every style of beer. I have been surprised so many times by styles I'm not usually a fan of. 

WFYB: All the more reason to keep trying new things! What would you say is your favorite brewery in your area? 

F: Pinthouse Pizza, a craft brewpub here in Austin.

WFYB: Makes sense, since you work there! What do you think is the coolest brewery you've ever visited, though? 

F: Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, CO.

WFYB: And do you have any breweries (or specific beers) on your bucket list? 

F: Equilibrium Brewery (in Middletown, NY) is on my bucket list, as is the Palatine Pils from Suarez Family Brewery (in Hudson, NY). 

WFYB: That's so wild, co-founder Alicia and her husband Andrew used to live in Middletown, NY back before there was any sort of brewery scene! We'll have to take a trip back and pick up some brews to send to friends.

Speaking of sending beers to friends: if someone asked you to do a beer share today, what would be the six beers you'd put in your mixed pack to share with them? 

F: I would send them...

  • Island Kitty by Pinthouse Brewing
  • Velvet Revolution from ABGB
  • Modern Dansk from Jester King Brewing
  • Hefeweizen from Live Oak Brewing
  • Split to Hvar from Nomadic Beerworks
  • Carl from St Elmo Brewing

WFYB: Man, we'd love to be on the receiving end of that beer mail! Now, as far as your new role as a WFYB BA — we're stoked to have you aboard. Tell us, what's your favorite way to Work For YOUR Beer?

F: Weight lifting and dancing in between sets, riding my bicycle around the city I love, and swimming in Barton Springs Pool.

WFYB: So fun! And what made you want to be a part of our WFYB BA army — or, better said, why do you personally connect with the Work For Your Beer community / lifestyle? 

F: I love it because I was always told you can't have it both ways — you can't be fit and drink beer. I wanted to prove that you can absolutely have a six-pack and drink a six-pack as well! 

WFYB: So awesome, we obviously agree! Let's talk a bit about the craft beer community in Austin and overall. Since you've been a part of it, how have you seen it change (for better or for worse)?

F: I've seen the craft beer community evolve and become more diverse, but we still have a long way to go. We need to respect the minds of the craft beer community regardless of the color of our skin or the genders we identify as.

WFYB: Love that so much, totally agreed. And what advice might you give someone who was considering getting involved in the craft beer community? 

F: Love everything about craft and everything else will come easily.

Thank you to Fredy for taking the time to share his story with us here on the Work For Your Beer blog — and cheers to even more opportunities to chat with incredible members of the craft beer community!

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