(The "Work For Your Beer Money" series is brought to you in partnership with Wyndham Capital Mortgage (NMLS # 2948), one of the nation's fastest growing mortgage companies. 

You know when you just want to buy your ticket to Taylor Swift and for some reason there’s a $36 “processing fee” slapped on top of the ticket price even though they are just emailing your ticket (and you KNOW that processing is only ever 3%)? That’s kind of what mortgage fees feel like.
You are already shelling out an uncomfortable amount of money on your down payment, and now the bank you’ve been suggested is telling you that you owe another $2,500 in fees? For what?!
We chatted with Emma Wohl, a loan officer at Wyndham Capital, to educate us around fees and best practices when buying a home.
“People are not always educated about closing costs when buying a house,” Emma stated. “Individuals will shop for the best rate, but they don’t realize they can also shop closing costs.” Emma advises to always talk to a loan officer before a real estate agent. “While you should have a real estate agent you trust, it is smart to always do your homework on lenders instead of just selecting the lender your agent suggests for you.”
Wyndham Capital doesn’t have any lender fees… so we decided to make a chart showing you a handful of things you can buy when you go with a fee-less lender and save on your lender fees. 
Cheers to good beer and smart money decisions!

Wyndham believes in local Charlotte business,  5-star service, no lender fees, and responsible drinking only if you’re over 21.​