Cat cafés have become all the rage amongst animals lovers. A place to pet adorable kittens and enjoy a morning brew sounds like the perfect spot to us. 

That's why we were so excited about our first visit to Mac Tabby Cat Café. Located in Charlotte, NC right outside of Uptown, you can find this kitten-filled oasis. It seemed like a simple concept — cats and coffee. But we learned we could do yoga AND play with kittens AND drink coffee, and we were completely sold! So, we traded in a night of brewery yoga for yoga at Mac Tabby. 

Read on to learn more about how you can flow with your furry friends.

What is a cat cafe?

It's exactly as it sounds — a café where you can order a coffee and then play with (and adopt!) cats and kittens. At Mac Tabby Cat Café, guests pay by the hour ($12 per hour) and can make reservations to ensure they get in their kitty play time. 

If you want to enjoy your coffee before playing with the cats, you can sit in the café space, which is absolutely beautiful. The space is filled with bright colors and natural light, making it a great setting to savor your next cup of joe.

How do I flow with adorable kitties?

Every Monday night, Mac Tabby opens up their kitten play area to local yogis for a one-hour cat yoga class and thirty minutes of cuddles with their kitties afterward. They also offer Tuesday and Saturday morning yoga classes for a few days each month. 

What else does Mac Tabby offer?

Besides pouring Pure Intentions coffee and Lenny Boy Brewing kombucha and hosting cat yoga each Monday, every Thursday night Mac Tabby hosts a painting class. They provide the cats, you provide the creativity.

If you're not already convinced, here are four more reasons why you need to visit a cat cafe:

1. You get to play with kittens.

Duh! Who doesn't want to love up on some adorable little kittens? Making a reservation at a cat cafe gives you access to so many adorable fur babies to spoil. This is perfect for when you want the perks of a pet without the commitment.

2. You get to drink coffee or kombucha.

You know you're going to be drinking it anyway, so why not drink your daily cup (or cups) of coffee at a cat café? Kittens and coffee sound like a match made in heaven. Relax and unwind for an hour while sipping on a cold brew and making friends of the feline variety.

3. You're donating your time and money to a good cause. 

When you go to play with the cats, it's not just you who's getting something out of it — the cats love it, too! The cost of admission ($12 per hour) helps to foster the cats and supply them with all the necessities while they wait to find their forever home. 

4. You're helping find homes for our furry friends.

All of the kittens you get to play with and pet are ADOPTABLE! If you find your match made in heaven, all you need to do it fill out the paperwork with Mac Tabby's partner, Catering to Cats and Dogs, to start the adoption process. 

Watch our cat yoga experience at Mac Tabby Cat Café. 

Are you ready to visit Mac Tabby Cat Café?

Make your reservation for Mac Tabby Cat Café today and then let us know how it went! Let us know in the comments below, or tag us on social media @workforyourbeer.