Charlotte's Lower South End neighborhood, also known as "LoSo," has seen massive growth over the past few years as more and more new businesses have opened in the area. Among those new businesses is CrossFit Mecklenburg, a fun and friendly CrossFit gym.

You'll immediately notice CrossFit Mecklenburg's "work hard, play hard" mentality, especially when you see them go from doing burpees to drinking beer from their two-tap kegerator, or when you catch them at their Taproom Fitness class at Sugar Creek Brewing on Wednesday evenings. 

We spoke to Brendan McNeirney (owner, general manager, and head coach) to learn more about CrossFit Mecklenburg and what sets it apart from other local CrossFit gyms.

When did CrossFit Mecklenburg first open, and who was responsible for starting the business? 
CrossFit Mecklenburg was opened on August 1, 2015. Christa Valentine, Ryan Murphy, Michael Banks, and I are all partners in this exciting venture.

What made you want to open a CrossFit gym in the LoSo neighborhood? 
I had previously managed South Tryon CrossFit, at the Rugby Athletic Center, from 2013-2015. Our group loved the the diversity of the neighborhood and close proximity to the growing social outlets LoSo has to offer.

What do you think sets CrossFit Mecklenburg apart from other CrossFit gyms in Charlotte? 
I feel like we have a very diverse population in respect to athletic backgrounds and in many other aspects of our membership. All of our coaches are homegrown and follow the same program as our athletes.

What types of classes do you offer at CrossFit Mecklenburg? 
We offer CrossFit, yoga, bootcamp, and "Spartan" Certified training at our facility. We periodically host seminars put on by nationally recognized trainers.

What's the most exciting part of your job running this business? 
I find the most rewarding part of running CrossFit Mecklenburg is witnessing members set and achieve goals they imagined unattainable. 

What's the most challenging part of your job running this business? 
The most challenging part of running this business is keeping the f---ing jump ropes from getting tangled up!  It's like a Rubik's cube getting them undone!

What's it like to be a fitness facility surrounded by so many breweries, cideries, and distilleries in this neighborhood? 
I feel like combing beer and fitness leads to a great blend of fitness and social experiences (beer after WODS, of course).  Unless you are participating in "Beers and Burpees," that is!

What are your thoughts on blending beer and fitness? 
We have a two-tap kegerator in our "Social Room" for post-WOD refreshments. Socializing creates a more solid community. 

What are your biggest goals for CrossFit Mecklenburg over the next few years? 
My biggest goals for our future are to grow our community while maintaining a family feel as well as to continue encouraging athletes to seek a balanced life through fitness.

What's your favorite local beer in Charlotte?
I am torn as to my favorite beer, but my top two are Sugar Creek Raspberry Ale mixed with the Sugar Creek White Ale, and Olde Mecklenburg Brewery's Copper.

Get Your First CrossFit Class FREE!  

Interested in taking a class with the trainers at CrossFit Mecklenburg? Your first class is always free, so give Brendan a call at 704-400-8892 or shoot him an email to let him know you'll be stopping by so he can show you around before your workout.

Prefer to workout in a brewery setting? We get it! You can also head to Taproom Fitness, a free class with CrossFit Mecklenburg trainers at Sugar Creek Brewing every Wednesday at 6 PM (followed by a FREE 10 oz. beer!).