The Work For Your Beer community doesn't care if you go to a beer fitness event to workout or (if we're being honest) you only go for the beer. We totally get it. 

We eat, sleep, and breathe beer fitness. You know who else does? Our brand ambassadors. 

You may have met them at their favorite brewery fitness class or at a beer festival, but we want to tell you more about our awesome team of brand ambassadors.

Next up on our brand ambassador series is Abby Zahn. Read on to learn more about Abby and why she loves to work for her beer.

Age: 30

Occupation: X-ray Technologist

Neighborhood in Charlotte: Ballantyne/Fort Mill

Social Handle: @abbyzahnfiyaa  

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer? The first beer fitness class I ever went to was OMB Yoga On Tap, which I believe was Charlotte’s first beer yoga class. I loved it and have always tried to get girlfriends to go with me. About a year ago, I started seeing Work For Your Beer pop up on social media and followed them.  

The first time I went to the website, I was stunned at how many beer fitness classes there are in the Charlotte area, and I immediately saved the schedule to my bookmarks. I’m always looking for fun things to do around Charlotte and this is definitely one of them!  

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community? I love breweries and I love fitness. I figured this would be a fun opportunity and would give me the chance to meet other locals as myself while getting a workout in and having fun!  

How long have you been attending fitness classes? Five years.  

Which brewery fitness classes do you attend? I really enjoy yoga, and that is what I’ve stuck with the most. OMB, Blue Blaze, Lenny Boy, and Sugar Creek yoga are my go-to classes. I’ve also tried a few of the bootcamps. I am greatly anticipating trying Barre at the Bar and Twerk for Your Beer in the very near future, and I know that my love of dogs will eventually lead me to Waggle for Your Beer!  

What motivates you to work out? How great I feel after a workout. It's a feeling like no other! Refreshed and accomplished are a great combination of feelings. The fact that I can eat a whole pizza guilt-free helps too (or at least, that’s what I like to think).  

What’s your go-to pump up song? Beyoncé: Running - Naughty Boy remix or Kendrick Lamar: Humble (because I think I can rap the whole song).  

What made you start attending brewery fitness classes? When I went to my first beer fitness class at OMB, I’ll be honest, I went to drink beer. I'm very social, so anything I can do that involves my besties and a beverage, I’m down for it. A girlfriend of mine and I went and we laughed the whole way through because we had no idea what we were doing, but had a blast. Some people took it seriously, some people didn’t. We stayed for two more beers after class.  

What is your favorite kind of brewery fitness class? Brewery yoga (preferably the outdoor classes).  What’s your favorite part of going to brewery fitness classes? Meeting new people that share similar interests with me. I love people!  

Which brewery fitness class has been the most challenging for you? Lenny Boy's bootcamp with Sydney Cummings. That girl can kick some a**. I felt amazing afterwards though!  

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering attending a brewery fitness class? Pick something you haven’t tried before. There are people of all shapes, sizes, and fitness levels that try these classes so NO SHAME. It really feels like a judgment-free zone in these classes because let’s be honest, ultimately we all have one goal: beer.  

What’s your favorite beer (or ‘booch) in Charlotte? This is a tough one. I’d say Lenny Boy’s Strawberry Kombucha, Sugar Creek’s Raspberry White Ale OR NoDa Brewing's Hop, Drop, & Roll.  

Why do you love Work For Your Beer? These ladies started this business to help local Charlotteans get healthy and get fit. The company is growing and the events are endless. I have yet to attend a beer fitness class or WFYB event that has been disappointing. WFYB has a one-stop-shop site that gives you endless opportunities to have fun in the Charlotte Fitness community... and who knows where they’ll go next!  

Anything else you’d like to tell us? My fitness journey has not always been an easy one... and I didn’t even start getting really into fitness until my late twenties. Fit is in now and I’m grateful for WFYB for spreading awareness to living a fit life!

Do you want to be a Work For Your Beer Brand Ambassador?

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