Work For Your Beer brand ambassador Karen Villella has the kind of infectious energy you wish you had in the morning. Her quirky and outgoing personality resonate perfectly within our beer fitness community.

Karen has been studying to become a registered dietitian, so she's the perfect person to talk to about living a balanced lifestyle!

Age: 28

Occupation: Soon-to-be registered dietitian; former high school teacher

Neighborhood in Charlotte: Oakdale

Social Handle(s): @karenvillella.clt

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer?

I was looking for beer fitness classes in the area and ran across WFYB!

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community?

I love people, beer, and fitness. It was the perfect mix for me!

How long have you been attending fitness classes? 

I have been attending fitness classes for 10+ years and have been teaching fitness classes for 7 years. I have taught salsa lessons, Zumba/cardio dance, bootcamp classes, and I'm currently teaching Barre!

Which brewery fitness classes do you attend? 

I enjoy run clubs. The great energy is what motivates me to keep running!

What motivates you to work out?

Knowing how much good exercise does for my mind and body. 

What’s your go-to pump up song? 

Depends on my mood. On my way to the gym, I typically listen to either rap (if I'm going to lift weights) or anything by Outkast (if I'm headed to a class).  

What made you start attending brewery fitness classes? 

People + Beer = Happy Karen. 

What is your favorite kind of brewery fitness class? 

Run clubs!

What’s your favorite part of going to brewery fitness classes? 

Petting all of the dogs and meeting new people.

Which brewery fitness class has been the most challenging for you? 

5-mile run clubs. 

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering attending a brewery fitness class? 

I'll go with you! Let me know when!

What’s your favorite beer (or ‘booch) in Charlotte? 

I love IPAs — but one of my dear friends recently won a mead competition at GoodRoad Ciderworks, so I'd call that my favorite drink in the city right now. His mead (honey wine) will be featured at GoodRoad in the fall! They say "Drink Local," and it doesn't get more local than something made in someone's home, right?

Why do you love Work For Your Beer? 

Work For Your Beer is uplifting, it brings the community together, and the people involved are AMAZING. 

Anything else you’d like to tell us?

I used to HATE sweating and working out, and then I found "my thing" and fitness became a huge part of my life. If I can enjoy working out, so can you!  

And I will soon be a Registered Dietitian, but I love pizza and beer and am pro-food!