Whether you're going to a beer fitness event to workout or you only go for the beer, we totally get it--and so does the rest of the Work For Your Beer community.  

We eat, sleep, and breathe beer fitness. You know who else does? Our brand ambassadors.

You're likely to see them out at a Work For Your Beer event, a beer festival, or a brewery fitness class doing what they love: working out, drinking beer, and making friends. We want to tell you more about our awesome team of brand ambassadors.  

Next up in our "Meet the Brand Ambassadors" is Kathy Gargiulo. Read on to learn more about her and why she loves the Work For Your Beer community!

Age: 28  

Occupation: Digital Marketing Account Manager

Neighborhood in Charlotte: South End

Social Handle: Instagram: @kgarg21

How did you first find out about Work For Your Beer? When I first moved to Charlotte this past August, I was looking for fitness classes and a way to meet new people when I found Work For Your Beer.  

What made you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer community? The people. Whether it is the people that run Work For Your Beer or the people that attend the beer fitness activities, everyone is so friendly and welcoming!  

How long have you been attending fitness classes? I have always been active, but typically I was a member of a variety of gyms. This has been my first time attending classes at different locations.    

Which brewery fitness classes do you attend? You may find me at Twerk For Your Beer, bootcamps, yoga, and barre.  

What motivates you to work out? That adrenaline rush you feel during and after a workout.   What’s your go-to pump up song? I am a sucker for old school: NSYNC, Backstreet Boys, Christina, Britney... and throw some Ja Rule in there.  

What made you start attending brewery fitness classes? When I first moved here, I was by myself since my boyfriend (now fiancé) wouldn't arrive until five weeks later. I wanted to find a way to meet new people and explore the area more. Meeting new people can be hard and awkward, but going to these classes made those new connections so much easier to make.

What is your favorite kind of brewery fitness class? Twerk For Your Beer, forever and always!

What’s your favorite part of going to brewery fitness classes? Everything! I get to meet new people/friends, workout and get a drink after... What's not to love?!    

Which brewery fitness class has been the most challenging for you? Bootcamp. For the ones I have attended so far... My fiancé runs the one on Mondays at Suffolk Punch/Hyde Brewing, and Sydney sometimes runs the Sip & Sweat classes. Both were great workouts, but definitely challenging!

What’s one thing you would want to tell somebody who was considering attending a brewery fitness class? Come join. You won't regret it!  

What’s your favorite beer (or ‘booch) in Charlotte? Good Morning Vietnam by Wooden Robot... I am OBSESSED.

Why do you love Work For Your Beer? I moved from Connecticut and the Work For Your Beer community was the first place that I felt at home without actually having to try to fit in. It happened so easily and naturally.  Anything else you’d like to tell us? My fiancé and I love breweries so much that we named our puppy Cisco, after the brewer/vineyard/distillery in Nantucket, MA. If you follow me, you will see she takes up most of my posts!

Do you want to be a Work For Your Beer ambassador?

If you want to be a part of the Work For Your Beer team as a Brand Ambassador, we're accepting applications! We're seeking individuals who are passionate about beer fitness, have stellar communication skills, and are positive and self-motivated.  

Did we mention that there are prizes involved, too? If you're interested in attending events, creating content, and growing the beer fitness community in Charlotte and beyond, there's Work For Your Beer swag (and valuable marketing experience, of course) in it for you! Fill out the application here.