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Despite the fact that the word beer is in our name, here at Work For Your Beer, we consider ourselves "alcohol agnostic."

That's why we also have Work For Your Wine and Work For Your Booze.

We could just as easily have Work For Your Chocolate or Work For Your Tacos — because really, our mentality is that you shouldn't have to sacrifice the things you love in order to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We don't believe in starving yourselves of the things you love. We believe in working for them, sure! But most of all, we believe in finding a healthy balance between the two.



Finding the right healthy balance for YOU is the key. The right balance for you might be different than the right balance for me, and that's okay!

But when we find a product that allows us to enjoy the amazing taste of something we love that is typically considered "indulgent," but it happens to be a way healthier version of it? Man, we are ecstatic!

That's why we were so thrilled to find SmartVine Wine — and in particular, SmartVine Rosé.

This certified vegan, chemical-free wine has just 2 carbs per glass and 1 gram of sugar in the entire bottle. 

We could go on and on about the fact that it's sustainably-farmed, minimally processed, and has no added sulfites. But honestly, what struck us most was that even though this rosé is boasted as a "healthy option" to reach for in the wine aisle, the taste is hardly distinguishable from any other rosé.



Sourced from Santa Barbara County, California, the SmartVine Rosé is made with 92% Sauvignon Blanc grapes and 8% Malbec grapes. The bouquet offers hints of fresh strawberry and orange zest. The palate is light-bodied with fresh floral and red berry notes, and a juicy and fruity finish. It's a lean, bright rosé that is super refreshing — particularly after a workout!  

The wine is enhanced with organic turmeric, Muscadine grape skin, lemon peel, and chicory root to reduce feelings of sluggishness, bloat, or dietary regrets. But those nutrients are added in liquid form, naturally infused and blended with the wine over time. So you won't have any sediment, and you won't taste the nutrients — just the flavors of a really great glass of wine.

Want to try it (along with the SmartVine White & SmartVine Red)? Use code WFYB for 40% off a 3-pack! Click here to shop now.

Because none of us should have to feel guilty when we pour ourselves a glass of wine. Don't undo all the hard work you put into living a healthy and active lifestyle. Feel good about the wine you're drinking. Period.