Given its growing popularity and its wondrous health benefits, chances are that you’ve heard of kombucha. Maybe you’ve tried it, or maybe you were hesitant to give it a shot, since it’s fermented tea and is known to have a sour aftertaste. Or maybe you haven’t heard of it at all, and you’re wondering, “What is kombucha, anyway?” 

Don’t worry, we’re here to give you the 411 on all things kombucha: what it really is, the benefits of drinking it, how it affects your body, and where you can find it here in the Queen City.


What Is Kombucha & Where Did It Come From?

Kombucha originated in ancient China during the Shang Dynasty, but didn’t make its way over to Europe and America until the 19th century. This was mainly due to the shortage of black tea and sugar during this time.

​Kombucha is tea that has been naturally fermented with beneficial bacteria, yeast, and sugar. It is usually made from black or green tea, and occasionally herbal teas. It takes a few days (around 7-10) for the tea to form a culture of bacteria and yeast surrounded by a bubbly, vinegar-tasting restorative—which is what you drink! This is the part that people are usually concerned about when it comes to drinking, but really, it’s no different than eating yogurt. In fact, just like yogurt, the cultures found in kombucha are great for your gut! As long as the kombucha you’re drinking was made in a trusted environment, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

What Are the Health Benefits of Kombucha?  

As you may have heard, kombucha is considered a detoxifying drink. It detoxifies your liver, which is particularly great news for anyone who enjoys drinking beer (so, probably most people reading this post!). It’s also very low in calorie content and sugar, which is perfect when you’re looking for a go-to healthy beverage. But kombucha’s recent increase in popularity is primarily due to its beneficial bacteria, which aids digestion and boosts immunity. If you enjoy the taste of kombucha, drinking it is definitely useful for avoiding common sicknesses, keeping your digestive system working properly, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. 

​In addition to positively impacting your health, kombucha also provides a noticeable energy boost. Since the drink is a fermented tea, it provides the same kick of energy that tea would normally give you. In general, it’s better for your body to avoid fizzy sodas, so instead, swap that Coke out for a cold glass of kombucha. You’ll still be drinking something light, carbonated, and moderately sweet, but kombucha will give you a much more satisfying feeling afterwards than the average soft drink!

Where Can I Find Kombucha in Charlotte?  

Now, that you know all about this trendy and healthy drink, where can you find it? In the Charlotte area, Lenny Boy Brewing has kombucha ready to order every day. There are tons of different flavors that their taproom offers so you can find the one you like the most! Lenny Boy also bottles their kombucha which can be found at many grocery stores, bottle shops, and healthy food markets in Charlotte. 

Outside of Lenny Boy, kombucha can be found at almost any grocery store near you. You can look for brands like GT's (in particular, their Synergy blend is a crowd pleaser). You can also find Buchi and Updog kombucha at certain bottle shops around town. 

Kombucha is no magic cure for what’s ailing you, but it is certainly one healthy drink! Do you think you’ll give it a shot? Or if you’ve already tried it, what’s your favorite kind of kombucha? Tell us in the comments below!