If you’ve been following Work For Your Beer, you probably know that we preach living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

To those unfamiliar with our concept, we often hear, “What? Work out and drink? How does that work?” We explain that some brewery fitness classes, like beer yoga, allow you to get in a good yoga practice and drink at the same time — while other classes, like brewery bootcamps, are better off serving beers post-workout.

However you want to balance working out and drinking, we support it! (You know, as long as you’re being safe and respectful.)

Aside from balancing our love for working out and drinking craft beer, we thought we’d tap into how you can find balance in your life in a more literal and physical sense.



an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and steady.

Remember when you first learned to ride a bike and you had that “oh no” moment when you started wobbling (and maybe toppled over)? But the more you rode your bike, the less you felt that “oh no” sensation, and the more stable and secure you felt. That’s because you became more familiar with the motion, and you challenged yourself to balance your weight appropriately.

The same concept goes for every other fitness activity you participate in! Each one of us enjoys different workouts. Running, yoga, weight lifting, bike riding, dancing, and any other kind of fitness activities all require us to balance in one way or another. While you may not be a five-year-old ringing your bell on a pink Barbie bike, we all still face challenges when it comes to maintaining balance in other activities.

Our Introduction to Balance Boards

Out of pure coincidence, I recently met Brendon Mrzlak, founder & owner of Revolution Balance Boards, at the 7th Street Public Market. We chatted for 20 minutes, and I could tell that he really gets it. He explained to me why he built Revolution and how crucial balance is when it comes to working out. He stressed that, “Using a balance board helps improve your general sense of balance. It forces your entire body to work together in unison.”

Brendon let me test out a balance board for myself, and the Revolution FIT board is exactly what I needed in my life to improve my balance, concentration, and coordination. Here’s what I learned through testing out the balance board, and why you should consider getting one for yourself:

It’s simple. You can leverage a balance board to enhance movements and exercises you are already familiar with. Take a push-up, for example. Add a balance board into the mix, and you’ve got a stunningly simple way to work some new, lesser-used muscle groups.

It will help you build some serious core strength. Outside of wanting a six-pack of beer at all times, I personally also strive to even just see a hint of definition in my own [hidden] six-pack. But seriously these boards are designed to strengthen your core, which means you’re about to have a rockin’ beach bod!

You don’t need to be at a certain fitness level to use it. We know everyone is at a different fitness level, which is why we love that this board comes with three interchangeable bases (the rocker, air cushion, and roller) to cater to your specific level of fitness. The board also holds up to 450 lbs., so you don’t have to be any certain size to use it either!

It helps you burn calories (which you can later drink in the form of craft beer, obviously). Adding a balance board into your workouts can help you torch some additional calories — and we all want to work hard to play hard, right?

It’s actually really fun. Okay, hear me out. Despite the fact that I almost bit it trying the roller accessory for the first time (that one is pretty difficult), it’s actually fun trying to keep my balance! Since it’s portable, I can balance on it in front of my TV while binge-watching Schitt’s Creek or try to drink a beer while balancing at a brewery (I might not recommend the latter, but I had to at least give it a try!).

It's an easy way to spice up your fitness routine. Using this board has also been a good way to switch up my at-home workouts, too. I often get bored of doing the same workouts again and again, so I’m always looking for variety, and this board was what I needed to keep things interesting (and therefore, keep my motivation levels high). 

We want you to get in on the fun, too! Get your own FIT board here to start finding healthy balance in your life.

Let us know how you find (and maintain) balance in your life. Shoot us an email at cheers@workforyourbeer.com to tell us your stories of how you balance your love for craft beverages with working out and making friends!