If you were to head out to any brewery run club, you'd see right away why they draw such large crowds. While some may say they're there for the beer, many are actually there for the community.

Whether you're meeting friends for a run after work or trying to meet new people, brewery run clubs are the epitome of not only the Work For Your Beer community, but of the runners' community as a whole. Beyond the brewery, the community vibes are palpable at races, where strangers will greet you with a smile and a high-five as you cross the finish line.

I'm so passionate about this community that I'm spreading the word as a Charlotte Marathon ambassador as I train to run my second marathon this year.

Here's why I'm running Charlotte — and how you can give back if you decide to run, too.

I wish I could tell you an inspiring story about why I started running. I wish I could tell you someone motivated me to initially lace up my shoes, or that running found me when I needed it most. But I can't. 

My running story is pretty simple: I first decided to hit the pavement around eighth grade, and I just haven't stopped since. My friends were on the track team, and I had to see what all the fuss was about, so I joined. I wasn't the best. In fact, I was pretty average. But year after year, I kept coming back.

As a sprinter, running a mile felt like forever. I remember that when my friends convinced me to sign up for cross country, where I'd have to upwards of six miles at practice, I was dreading it. 

Fast forward 10 years and here I am, signing up to run my second marathon.

To me, running feels like an old friend. Someone who will lift you up when you're feeling down, who will push you when you need it, and who will always be there no matter what.

And while I can't tell you why I started, I can tell you why I continue: the people.  

The running community is filled with amazing individuals, each with their own running story to tell. I started running because of the people I was able to do it with, and I continue because of everyone I've met along the way. The community of runners in Charlotte, especially, has brought me so much joy as I venture into running as an adult.  

That's why I applied to become a Charlotte Marathon ambassador.  

Charlotte Marathon ambassadors are people who are passionate about running and want to spread the word about the race. So, I'm here to do my best to motivate you to join in the fun on November 3.  

I know what you're thinking: a marathon sounds like such a scary feat. Or maybe even impossible But don't worry, the Charlotte Marathon is more than just a marathon. There are options to run a half marathon, 5K, marathon relay (five people conquering the course together), and even a kid's fun run. No matter your distance of choice may be, there is something for everyone.  

As an ambassador, I have the opportunity to give back beyond just shouting words of encouragement on race day. The Charlotte Marathon is giving the ambassador with the most race sign-ups $1,000 to donate to a charity of their choice. When you're registering for your race and are prompted with the question, "Did one of the 2018 Ambassadors inspire your decision to participate in the race?" just make sure to select me, Danielle Doolen.  

It's no secret we're all animal lovers here at Work For Your Beer. So if I receive the most sign-ups, I plan to donate the money to The Humane Society of Charlotte. Running and puppies, what could be better?

Are you ready to run Charlotte on November 3rd?

We want to see you working for your beer as you get ready to run Charlotte! Take a picture and tag us on social media @workforyourbeer for a chance to be featured on our feed. Until then, keep running and drinking beer.