What Is Work For Your Beer?

Work For Your Beer is the ultimate guide to beer fitness.

What's beer fitness, you ask? Any fitness activity that takes place in a brewery (or other beer-serving location).

Think of Work For Your Beer as a directory for details about every beer yoga class, run club, bike ride, bootcamp, dance class, and more. 

We're here to provide you with all the information you need to know before you show up for the workout (including details about everything from parking to drink specials and beyond), so you can have the best experience possible.

You can use our website to look up beer fitness activities near you—then filter them by type of activity, day of the week, and more to find exactly the right class or club to fit your needs. 

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Who We Are

Work For Your Beer is the brainchild of Alicia Thomas and Melanie Fox, two Charlotte, NC based digital marketers who happen to be obsessed with the beer fitness scene.

In their initial quest to downward dog their way through every beer yoga class offered in the city, they found that there was no central location with comprehensive information about all of the beer yoga classes offered throughout Charlotte. In fact, they couldn't find one place with information about all of the run clubs or bike-and-brew events in the city, either.

They realized that if they couldn't find one central location with all of this beer fitness information, they should probably just make one.

And Work For Your Beer was born.

Alicia and Mel created Work For Your Beer initially to be a directory of all the beer yoga classes, run clubs, bike rides, bootcamps, dance classes, and more in Charlotte. But as they received more and more requests to offer the same directory services in other active, beer-centric cities in the U.S., they knew it was time to expand.

Now, Work For Your Beer strives to be the ultimate guide to all beer fitness classes throughout the U.S. Have one you'd like to add to our database? Click here to add your listing and events today!